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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Lusterly Designs

Stephanie makes eclectic beaded jewelry inspired by nature, travel, art, and a love of beautiful old things. She has a terrible weakness for dogs, good coffee, and shiny objects.

I started making jewelry as a kid in Seattle, learning alongside my mom from dogeared copies of Bead & Button magazine. I loved perusing the bins of tiny treasures at the local bead shop and the particular magic of creating something wearable from a handful of separate parts.

As a young adult, I set out for grad school in Boston, but I also found space for my love of making jewelry by working at a bead shop, where I refined my skills, making and repairing pieces and even teaching classes. I sold a few pieces here and there on consignment, but as a full-time student and, later, a high school teacher, I was reluctant to pursue jewelry-making in a more serious way.

Following a brief stint back in Seattle after eight years away, I’m taking my love of jewelry on the road, creating beautiful things as I spend the year traveling around Australia. I especially love seed bead weaving and embroidery, using a needle and thread to weave tiny glass seed beads into bezels to hold glittering crystals or natural stones. I strive to create timeless, original designs inspired by my wanderings around museums and the outdoors, a reverence for beautiful old things, and the imperfect grace of the natural and the handmade. Mostly, I hope my pieces will bring a little bit of extra joy to their wearers. Life is short; it may as well be beautiful!

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