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Scented skull soy wax candles
Available: Fitzroy

Dave and Lucy of Luxtacor are the creators of hand poured soy pillar wax candles that are unique and macabre. They enjoy playing with light and dark tones while portraying the darker side of life.

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke. – Jerzy Kosinski

Luxtacor is a Melbourne based art decor line designed by Dave and Lucy. The twosome collaborated on their interest in the macabre and sought to demonstrate this through their art. In turn, they created pieces that presented the candle in a completely different light.

Using 3D printing and modelling, they were able turn their vision into tangible works of art. The soy pillar wax is moulded using silicone moulds that are prepared individually for every design. The wax is then hand poured to create each unique candle.

Dave comes from an architectural background and pulls upon knowledge in design and manufacturing. Lucy comes from a psychology background and uses the human mind as inspiration. While they both dabbled in the arts throughout their education and work, they’ve decided to now pursue this dream of being able to create.

Seeing the positive response these candles have evoked in those who have viewed them both online and in person have encouraged Dave and Lucy in the continual pursuit of this dream and turning it into their reality.

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