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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Mad Science at Work

Mad Science at Work combine uncommon antique components with handcrafted precision to create extraordinarily unique works of art. Utterly strange and eccentric, the bits and baubles within this cube will be a magnificent addition to your collection.

Mad Science at Work is the creative endeavor of the self-certified garage physicist, Eric Forrest. Utilising antique medical equipment, vintage laboratory devices, and intriguing scientific processes, Eric’s pieces invoke states of wonder and awe.

When he was a bit shorter in stature and younger in life, he had an intimate and up-close experience with a bolt of lightning. As the lethal, electric tendrils danced around him, a love of the sheer power of electricity was sparked within him. Over the years, he built numerous Tesla Coils, Van de Graaf Generators, and other high voltage devices that have been used in demonstrations, haunted houses, and BBQ’s. But mostly to simply induce maniacal laughter akin to the greatest mad scientists of yesteryear.

A curious mind and love of science have fuelled this intrepid soul, pushing him to the ends of the Earth in search of new personal and scientific discoveries. For example, he spent over seventeen months working at various research stations in Antarctica. This only served to drive his creative passion and imagination to new heights. Partnered with a mild dose of Cabin Fever, it was a potent blend that haunts him to this day.

Eric also pushed boundaries and culinary delights as a trained chef. He has created Steam Punk themed meals that perfectly combined food and science in a glorious retro-futuristic manner. He has crafted delicious horror-themed banquets that would make Hannibal Lecter proud. His culinary bounds know no limits.

The Chef and the Garage Physicist are perfectly bonded in this wholly unique gentleman of science and imagination. A type of gentleman that has not been seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Currently, you can find this Mad Scientist based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Though in all honesty you will most likely find him hiding away in his shed, wearing safety goggles and covered in glowing stains whilst creating new and fascinating pieces of art.

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