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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065


Varrsha is a software developer turned into a ceramist from India . She was passionate about arts & fashion since childhood. Colours have been fascinating to her since childhood and apparently her collection has myriads of colours.

Mayuri is an ecofriendly fashion brand with the motto “Wear the Earth” made in Sydney, using locally sourced materials. The mission is to bring awareness about slow fashion by creating products which are made using natural clay.
Every piece is designed, crafted & painted by me in my home studio in Concord. Also they are bisque fired in the communal studio – at Sydney along with other artist’s Works inorder to minimise the electricity used in firing. Also my products are unglazed I.e I fire them once and avoid the glazing process to reduce the number of times I take them to the kiln to save energy. Hence all the products I make are sustainable.

The interesting part is ,they can diffuse essential oil so they are not just a piece of jewellery but you can also use them for wellness.

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