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Meg Watson Jewellery

Meg Watson designs and creates her jewellery in Melbourne. She is excited by exotic, tribal and strong pieces that blur bold shapes and textures with a sense of softness.

One of the most precious things in life is finding something that makes you so happy that you get lost in it and time just fades away. For Meg Watson, that’s being in her studio creating jewellery.

She loves creating pieces that balance a sense of strength and softness and that can be worn for all occasions. They are beautiful and bold. Ready to be worn with an evening dress or your old jeans alike. However you wear them, she hopes they bring you the same feeling she had in her studio as she worked on them: joy.

Meg started to create jewellery a few years ago after having a period of devaluing the importance of a creative space in her life. After having children, maintaining serious job and generally feeling heavy with adult life responsibilities, she prioritised creativity again, and it was magic. From there she got designing and creating statement earrings.

Meg is a strong supporter of slow fashion.  She is focused on creating a sustainable and ethical brand. Recycled material is always used when available.  All off cuts are recycled for future pieces.

It is her hope that people will connect with her jewellery on an emotional level.  That they can instantly see themselves wearing it with multiple outfits and on many occasions. Pieces are made without following trends.  Each piece is timeless and will continue to bring happiness and repeated use for a lifetime.

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