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Miranda Costa (MC drawn)

Fun brightly coloured artworks & zines
Available: Prahran

Miranda Costa (MC drawn) is a Melbourne based artist and zine maker. Exploring beyond the actual, without fear of bold colourways.

Predominately working with gouache, watercolour, pencil and ink.  Miranda Costa’s responses are heavily inspired by nature, the personal and the dreamt.

Previously a regular participant of Melbourne’s artisan market community (under the name of MC drawn).  Miranda presently focuses towards explorative work, exhibition application and zine creation.  She is often collaborating with Melbourne based writer Jessica Knight. Together they have presented their limited-run, handmade zines at numerous events. These events include the Sticky Institute Zine Fair, Tonerpalooza (Victorian State Library), NVG Art Book Fair, MCA Zine Fair (Sydney).  Their zines were exhibited at Counihan Gallery (Brunswick) for ‘Agency Ink’ (2018).

Miranda work has been present in curated exhibitions.  These include Brunswick Street Gallery, Off the Kerb, The Artist’s Guild, Counihan Gallery and Lord Coconut as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Further writing by Jessica Knight found at and Facebook.