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Curiosity-necklace-in-red by My Vintage Obsession

My Vintage Obsession

Reimagined upcycled vintage jewellery & accessories
Available: Fitzroy

Meagan of My Vintage Obsession discovers vintage jewellery, beads and findings from around the world and imagines new ways to revive those sometimes broken, orphaned or long forgotten pieces.

From the time she was a wee girl Meagan has made things by hand. Her love of colour, shape and texture led her to initially work in the textile industry and then to experiment with other forms of art.
About 8 years ago she started to seriously collect vintage costume jewellery falling in love with their quality, design and manufacture. After learning a range of jewellery-making skills working with silver, she became fascinated by the possibilities of working with some of the broken bits and pieces from her collection. Now she actively searches for broken jewellery and unused vintage components to use in her work!
Meagan is passionate about working with vintage and found objects because they evoke memories and moments in time that connect with people, and is grounded by the sustainable nature of her work.
All her jewellery is handmade in her Melbourne studio.

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