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Anne-Marie from Myelma creates simply stunning Sterling Silver and Gemstone jewellery.  Designing and creating by hand from a shed in the back yard in the beautiful seaside town of Port Lincoln South Australia.

Anne-Marie has been a creative for as long as she can remember,  sewing her daughters clothes when they were little  and would wear handmade clothes.  Owning a Sewing Centre for 5 years Anne-Marie still loves to design and make clothes for the family, although mainly for formals, bridesmaids, and flower girls dresses.

In the last 5 years Anne-Marie has expanded her skills, learning quilting, then moving to mosaics, hand-made leather shoes, leather handbags, and beading.  It was a short course in Melbourne (make a silver ring in a day) that sparked her interest in working with metal.  This was about 2 years ago, working with metal reminded Anne-Marie of her teenage years, when she would sit in the back-yard with her dad and melt lead, then pour into molds to make sinkers for fishing, the connection was warm and full of lover, and her passion for creating jewellery began.

Anne-Marie began using crystals with some her designs, bringing the beautiful healing energy and love of gemstones to her jewellery. Using recycled Sterling Silver where possible, always aware of the impact on the environment.  Her jewellery is not only sustainable and ethical; some of her pieces are intentional in design, wishing to create warmth, love and joy for the wearer. Simplicity in Design is so prominent in her stunning designs.

Anne-Marie creates necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and anklets.  Her wish is simply to bring her unique designs to you at an affordable price, being authentic and honest is important to her business.

Created with love and soul Anne-Maries wish is to bring bliss, energy, power and support for the wearer.

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