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Nancy Dee Sculptures

Melbourne found object sculptures & accessories
Available: Fitzroy

Nancy Dee Lane is a found object assemblage jewellery designer and sculptor. She creates works from metal, wood, tile and plastic that she gathers from the streets of Melbourne and other cities where she has worked and travelled.

NancyDee’s background has been eclectic, including training in painting, weaving, ceramics and jewellery design. She currently creates brooches, wall sculptures and 3-dimensional works, ranging in size from less than 2×2 cm to more than a metre square. Her art is inspired by the challenge of happenstance, using only the materials that she picks up on her daily walks.

Many of NancyDee’s cityscape designs are inspired by the Melbourne skyline, especially at sunrise and sunset. Her more abstract works are often stimulated by the unusual features of the found objects themselves; at other times, she emphasises their rusted, scratched or variegated surfaces.

NancyDee is an artist in residence at River Studios in West Melbourne. She has had five major solo exhibitions and her works have appeared in 30 group exhibitions. She has a strong commitment to sustainability and hopes that her creative use of unloved and unwanted trash will serve as a reminder of the 5Rs: refuse, reduce, repurpose, reuse, and recycle.


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