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Oceana pearl Piccone

We are thrilled to welcome Melbourne’s latest import from Byron Bay, Oceana Piccone. A master of art forms across mediums ranging from paint, clay, mixed media, film and design.
Anything that makes her consider technical detail and conceptual meaning.

I am a Melbourne based fashion student at RMIT
My body of works visually represents my design journey, my skills and my ambitions for my career.
Born to create, I refuse to be restricted to one medium or style; I choose to play with them all. As a designer in today’s society, we can become or do anything with resources and technology evolving constantly. I feel it’s our moral responsibility to handle these innovations with care; our world is undergoing serious environmental massacre. As the future generation, we must not contribute to these issues.
I feel as though being an artist in today’s world, and I must use my talent to spread awareness about relevant issues in today’s society.
The value of my artwork lies not just in its appearance or aesthetics but also in its conceptual meaning.
My mission is to be the best version of myself, be the change I want to see in the world, spread love, see the good in everyone and everything.
Live life to it fullest.

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