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Philippa Judd Illustration

Philippa Judd is a Melbourne-born, Paris-based illustrator who works mainly in coloured pencil and gouache. Her subjects of predilection include ugly old men, loose women and tipsy animals.

A native Melbournian, Philippa Judd has been living and working in France for almost ten years. After completing a BA in English and Art History at the University of Melbourne she spent five years studying illustration and cartooning in Lyon. Her work feeds on her love of literature, history and political satire, and teems with references to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French art.

Philippa’s preferred techniques are gouache and coloured pencil. Although rather slow and laborious, these media allow her to gently build layers of colour, giving her images their characteristic softness.

In addition to illustration, Philippa also works as a portraitist.

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