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Purplefish Designs

Fun minimalist silver jewellery
Available: Fitzroy

Purplefish Designs – Handmade sterling silver jewellery – designed and created in Melbourne by Andrea May. Andrea has a love for simple, minimalist design with an element of cuteness and fun.

Her passion for jewellery making began over 20 years ago after a short course hobby class inspired her to enrol in a full time Gold and Silversmithing course at NMIT Collingwood. During the course she studied many different classic jewellery making techniques. She was most interested in investment casting. Andrea loves the process of carving a design from a block of wax and developing it through to the final product in silver.

Purplefish Designs grew out of an Art Business project during her studies. The collection of designs has since featured in galleries and stores around Australia. As well as Artisan Markets across Victoria including Esplanade Market in St Kilda, Rose Street Market and Red Hill Market.

Outside of jewellery, Andrea has a passion for travel and adventure. So a few travel inspired designs have started to make their way into the collection.

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