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r-Process by Remy Hoglin

Modern technology & traditional techniques combining to make nature & design inspired unisex jewellery
Available: Fitzroy

r-Process is a contemporary jewellery design brand for men and women, that is edgy and thought provoking. Designed and crafted jewellery using traditional techniques and cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D printing.

Remy Hoglin is a jeweller and founder of r-Process. Titled after the event that occurs when binary neutron stars merge, which is so cataclysmic that it creates all elements heavier than iron including silver, gold and platinum.

Always fascinated with adornments, gems, nature and technology, Remy looks to incorporate these elements into wearable pieces of art. Having a scientific background, Remy is very interested in the natural world but also the marvels of human achievements in architecture and design, exploring and often combining these things.

r-Process makes jewellery that is traditionally handmade with some items that have been Computer Aided Designed and 3D printed. All items are locally designed and produced using ethical and sustainable sourced materials whenever possible.

r-Process can make-to-order jewellery and can be contacted through the links above.

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