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Selkie Knots

Kaz Clarke ” Weaving The Seas Clean” from salvaged fishing rope and beach debris into eclectic art and functional decor. An ecoartist who focuses on nautical ropework to promote awareness of Clean Oceans with purchases donated towards beach cleanups.

As a fibre artist her passion for environmental art was inspired from a childhood spent growing up near the pristine beaches of the coastal town of Peterborough, where her time was spent fishing, body boarding and beachcombing.
After spending time travelling around Australia and living in the Northern Territory in the 90’s, she learned the traditional art of Aboriginal weaving and dyeing from the Larrakia people with Gunga Pandanus weavers. Going out to source the pandanus leaves in the bush then dyeing and weaving them into mats.
Through her love of sailing, she later learnt the traditional art of marlinspike sailors ropework from a skilled Master Five skipper woman. She later weaved designs that she sold in a purpose built Art gallery called Neptunes Realm, in the coastal town of Port Campbell near the Twelve Apostles.
Then after many years of travelling overseas to source and design for her retail businesses, she saw the impact that pollution was having on the environment in these countries and sought a more sustainable approach to her creations.
From seeing the increasing pollution of plastics introduced into the marine environment on Australian beaches, she now reworks salvaged fishing ropes and ghost nets found on the beaches and other plastics to prevent further landfill and give new life to ghostnets.
Kaz raises public awareness to the plastic oceans problem and helps support beach cleanups and data research through donating 20% of each purchase to the Tangaroa Blue foundation of Australia.
Each purchase goes towards keeping our Oceans clean.
Caring for the environment for future generations by “Weaving the Seas Clean.”

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