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Sheal Design

Sheal design jeweller Sian creates modern-day adornments from sustainably sourced & recycled metals. All Sheal pieces have an organic and handcrafted feel and stunningly unique look.

Sheal Design began in late 2017 in Melbourne and is the creation of jewellery designer and Maker, Sian.

Sian has been a maker since a very young age.  She always had an interest in art, drawing and making anything she could with her hands.  Armed with these skills she began a 20 year career as a Dental Technician. Moving through wire bending & plastics in orthodontics to Denture production both in Australia & Canada.

Sian used her creative talents best during this time to personally customise dentures to match patients colouring and tooth shape exactly. When Sian began her apprenticeship in Dental Technology she was once told that technicians make good jewellers, and that was something she kept in the back of her mind as a craft she would like to try one day. In 2017 she began creating jewellery using the skills she already had, then began a course to learn more jewellery specific skills.  Sheal design was born.

Sian has travelled the world extensively, spending years in each of the UK, France and Canada. Her love for nature and the textures of nature was solidified in the mountains and forests of the northern hemisphere.
She prefers to reflect a love of nature in many of her pieces, along with a slightly modern touch. Each piece created is unique.  Fully handmade and designed to make each wearer feel that they are wearing a precious (and often once-off) piece of art to last for many years.

Sheal continually evolves as Sian is exploring more of her creative ideas in precious metals.

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