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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Silvarai Designs

Lisa Rai has been creating and making for over 20 years. She draws her inspiration primarily from observing the human condition. Things like peoples mannerisms, movement, gestures and facial expressions particularly drive Lisa’s work.

“As a young girl growing up in South Africa I was surrounded by the colourful culture and the rich history of jewellery and adornment. My professional journey spans over 20 years with my initial studies in Fine Arts at the VCA in 1990 and on to my Associate Diploma in Jewellery Design in 2008. Silvarai Design is a celebration of the treasures and abundance that appeals to all who enjoy beautiful things. My jewellery workshop in Europe enhanced my ability to work with texture and colour. It replenished my enthusiasm for setting trends in design and fashion as well as tapping into my conceptual foundations. Jewellery is a fascinating, non-verbal, creative language. It precedes you even before you speak. I am a conduit to the craft. I believe the jewellery makes the designer. The wearer takes it and makes it their own treasure.”

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