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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065


Steve makes fun custom footwear in many varied prints and themes.

Steve makes footwear that are not usual but really stands out. Most of his designs are 1 off and hardly any are exactly the same due to the different prints and colours he uses. He has lots of different themes like Melbourne, with images of Flinders Street Station, Luna Park, 12 Apostles, Puffing Billy and aboriginal images. Movie stars, movies, singers, cartoon, superhero, sporting teams and players. Steve can put just about any image that you have on the footwear. Imagine having your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife, kids, favourite pet. Imagine being an artist and having your image on your footwear. Not that’s taking art to a new level. Steve loves a challenge and doing ‘different’. So what are you waiting for? Challenge him.

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