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Sylvi and Flora

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Naomi of Sylvi and Flora is a self-taught maker of bright, colourful statement jewellery handmade from polymer clay. Inspired by the winter and spring blossoms, she also has a botanicals range featuring images of blossoms and native flowers.

Naomi is the designer and creator of small-batch polymer clay earrings and necklaces, handmade in her home in Melbourne. Preferring to create unique pieces within each range, Naomi ensures no earring lover will have the exact same pair as anyone else!

Some creations are inspired by the colours of the clay on her desktop. Some are inspired by fabric or artwork. Others still are inspired by the natural world around. One common theme is the use of glitter, or at the very least a shimmer!

Naomi also has a collection featuring images of Australian native blossom, and colourful cherry blossoms in earrings, bracelets and bobby pins.

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