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Upcycled Book Club

Upcycled Book Club combines Leanne’s love of literature and of giving old things a new lease on life. All of her handmade products are created from pre-loved books. They are upcycled into wearable art and one-of-a-kind items.

Leanne is a lover of books and literature. She loves how the written word has the power to transform people’s lives. But a harsh reality that there is a finite number of books that people and libraries can have in their collections.  Many, many books are discarded and end up in charity shops. It is from these discarded books that Leanne creates handbags, journals and notebooks. Each one is absolutely one-of-a-kind. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your favourite literary characters.

Leanne is inspired by the notion of upcycling!  Creating something beautiful out of a discarded or pre-loved item. A book is a really interesting thing in that people connect with them in all sorts of ways. It could be a favourite, or something from their childhood, or something that has been significant at a particular time. She sees it all the time in the choices people make in the Novel Bags they choose to buy.  Leanne also love the idea that when you have one of her bags or notebooks you have something that embodies more than one story.

One of her most favourite parts of the creation process is matching the fabric and the book. It is important to Leanne that the fabric adds something not only aesthetically to the final product but reflects something of its original story.  So an exotic golden fabric is brilliant for Tales of the Arabian Nights.  Teapots and cups for a Jane Austen novel. In making the journals she tries to include any marks or comments or scribbles so that there may be an unexpected find from its previous incarnation. Leanne also loves the hunt for second hand books to use to make the bags, journals and notebooks.  So she is a regular visitor to the op shops around her, keenly looking for the perfect title.

She is never happier than when  making. The tactical experience is very important and is the perfect foil for a busy life. Leanne is at peace when in her studio using her hands. Her body seems to settle into the rhythm of the work and her mind is stilled and focused on the task.

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