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Wire and Fibre

zsofi samu - wire and fibre

Zsofia is a visual artist working with wire and fibre. Her practice includes sculptures, wall wear, public art, social projects and jewellery.

Zsofia is a Hungarian born artist living and working in Melbourne. She is fascinated by natural wonders, and passionate about social justice. Her work is the reflection of an intimate relationship with the wilderness, and her belief in an all-inclusive society. She interprets her concepts into a fusion of fibre, wire, and mixed media artworks. She has regularly exhibited her works in Tasmania, Melbourne and overseas for fifteen years.

The love of fibres and textiles started at the age of 10, when she learnt how to sew, knit and embroider. By the time she was 12, she wanted to be an artist and later chose to study woven textile design as a pathway to become a visual artist. Her aim was to master ancient fabric making techniques and apply those craft skills to create contemporary artworks. While working on her master’s degree in Budapest, Hungary, she started using alternative materials such as metal wires, monofilaments, and paper yarns. She has been working with these materials ever since.

After completing her art degree, Zsofia took an adventure filled trip to Tasmania. The natural wonders of the island had a profound effect on her. So, in 2001, she decided to move to Tasmania permanently. She was living in Hobart as a practicing artist for a decade.  During this time, her major source of inspiration was the Tasmanian wilderness with its wild ocean waves, rugged cliff tops and soaring trees.

Zsofia moved to Melbourne in 2012, and a transition from interpretative art making to a more conceptual artistic expression began. Her interest gradually turned to abstract and contemporary themes. Living in a multicultural metropolis awoke her social sensitivity. She felt driven to express her thoughts and feelings on human rights, the faith of asylum seekers and the resilience of the human spirit. Her compassion towards positive social change has inspired the creation of conceptual, (even political) mixed media artworks.

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