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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Yoona’s Designs

A working ceramist for over 25 years, Yoona has attempted to capture the uniqueness of the Great South Land’s native fauna and show them as the truly fabulous creatures they are.


Yoona‘s Designs has been sending ceramic native animals across the world for the past 6 years and prior to that they have been available from outlets around Tasmania since 1991.

Formerly know as The Mole Creek Pottery the animal range is currently available through at least 20 galleries and tourism destinations around Tasmania, plus several mainland outlets; notably the Craft Queensland Artisan Gallery, the Museum of Brisbane and Australian by Design in the Melbourne CBD.

The cultural cringe that Australia suffered from since colonisation was extended to our native fauna, may be more so in Tasmania than elsewhere across Australia. According to Tasmanian’s, generally, our animals were not nearly as interesting as often larger exotic animals from other countries. Many were considered as pests to the emerging landocracy and our most iconic species wiped out. Does our Thylacine still exist? A question that has never been answered successfully one way or the other.

In fact our animals are totally unique creatures, many of them once huge megafauna. They have evolved to suit the often harsh Australian environment with adaptations specifically suited to surviving here. For instance hopping, which is a way of traversing huge distances using a minimal amount of energy. We have not adapted well to the Australian environment, trying to change it to suit ourselves.

Look at the Midlands in Tasmania. Once there were more sheep here than in all of Australia, millions of them and what did they do to the environment – almost destroyed it. Hard hooved creatures impacting already old depleted soils. People have to learn to respect animals and the part they play in maintaining an environment, not wipe them out to be replaced by animals not suited to a place.

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