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in.cube8r gallery presents: Almost Solo v.13 featuring series of works from Kylie Haberl, Anna Klaassen, Georgia Laughton & Kat Niclis

May 30 @ 6:00 pm - June 19 @ 6:00 pm

in.cube8r gallery presents: Almost Solo v.13

Not quite a group show, not quite a solo show, Almost Solo brings individual artists together to exhibit their bodies of work in a shared space. 

Featuring works from Kylie HaberlAnna KlaassenGeorgia LaughtonKat Niclis.

As we are a no commission space 100% of all art sales are paid directly to the artists.

Opening drinks Thursday, 30 May 2019, 6pm-8pm
Continues to 19 June 2019

About the artists

Kylie Haberl

Kylie Haberl from Butterfly Song Studio creates from her home studio surrounded by forest in Selby. Her uncontrollable desire for Artistic fulfillment, plays out in an eclectic collection of mediums. These include Wet Felting, Nuno Felting, and Upcycling to create beautiful pieces of ‘Wearable Art’ and when time permits water colour painting as well as Oil and Soft Pastels. She passionately sources wool and fibre to make her clothing creations from small Australian producers or repurposing and upcycling treasures that others have discarded. Currently Kylies creations are heavily influenced by the Australian landscape which she explores both at home and on 4WD adventures around Australia. This has been a cathartic process linking her both physically and spiritually to this beautiful country and to both hers and Australia’s ancestors.

“My Country”
Connection to Country is a term that I have heard over many years from indigenous Australians when they explain the link they have, to both the physical and the spiritual soul of Australia. It was at first with hesitance that I thought about naming my part of this exhibition as ‘My Country’. Not being an aboriginal I didn’t feel I had the right to experience the emotions I was feeling. However, the more I have explored my own feelings and memories the more I realise that this statement is something that resonates so profoundly within me that there is no other possible name. There is a lot of unresolved pain and deception in the accurate record of our first peoples of this nation. Something I feel passionate about exposing and correcting. My art is my way of digesting and understanding the palpable connection I feel to certain locations that I have visited.

The focus of my pieces for this exhibition comes from the story of the “Possum Coats” which were once an everyday item worn by mostly the south eastern aboriginals of Australia. Made from possum skins stitched together these started as a blanket and were added to as the person grew eventually becoming a coat. The leather side of the coat was painted and incised with decorations mapping the identity of its owner and was then eventually buried with them. Very few have survived for this reason. I have decided to create pieces that map my connection and feelings for the Australia that I know. This includes my own version of a ‘history coat’ which is Wet Felted with my stories, emotions and experiences. As well as a piece that attempts to blend my Scottish heritage with that of a Dreamtime Solar Goddess that has particularly resonated with me. The final pieces are perhaps an exploration of my love and passion for the colours and textures of this land that fill me with joy when I see them framed in the landscape as a tree, a mountain or an eagle.

Anna Klaassen

Anna Klaassen is a multi-disciplinary artist, based in Melbourne. In her practice she uses photographic imagery from outsourced and personal collections as a key to abstract form. Shapes are gathered through tracing, and are rendered into sculpture consisting of industrial materials, digital collage and abstract painting. Through these methods, Klaassen has created a diverse body of work exploring form, colour and composition.

“Abstracted Image”

Anna Klaassen’s “Abstracted Image” series explores the use of photographic imagery as a key to abstract form. Organic shapes are collected through physically tracing over the lines and forms of a randomly chosen newspaper image. Earth toned colours are derived from the picture, and this combined with the gathered shapes are rendered into paintings. Experimenting with scale and composition allows Klaassen to create a new image in which the original subject matter of its source in unrecognisable.

Kat Niclis

Kat Niclis is a photographic artist specializing in creating surreal landscapes. Primarily working in nature, her photographs often toy the line between photography and installation. Her work with surrealistic landscapes started in 2012, and has been photographed at various locations all over Victoria.

Artist Statement

Human beings have inhabited Earth for millennia, and over time the relationship with the natural environment has been constantly changing. Humans rely on the Earth for it’s natural resources in order to survive, yet everyday there are examples of humans destroying it; Human Rebirth is a photographic series attempting to highlight this changing relationship between human beings and nature. By creating surrealist images in which human limbs become intertwined with the natural landscape, I express how human life is just a small part of Earth’s existence, and the natural environment must not be taken for granted.

Georgia Laughton

Georgia Laughton is a mostly-Melbourne-based artist working in a wide range of media, with a focus on fine-art and social-documentary photography, lithography and painting with oils. 

Raised in country Victoria, Georgia is now a self-described ‘inner-city soy-latte-sipping greenie’ whose subjects include animals rights, the environment and interrogating traditional notions of beauty. While she strongly believes in art as a form of activism, her work remains personal, grounded and sometimes whimsical as she explores her own place in the world. Expressing the tension between the didactic and the intimate in her paintings, she points to her recurring theme of birds; ‘sometimes it’s a metaphor and sometimes it’s just a bird’.

Artist Statement

One of the wisest and loveliest humans I know told me “everything in life is just a bubble. The good, the bad, the pain and the joy; All bubbles burst, buts that’s okay, you just blow some more”*.
This collection of oil paintings represents me blowing some bubbles and reflecting on my last 6 months of 5 consecutive health issues that burst many of my happy bubbles.

Self-portraits make me uncomfortable – the painting of them is an allegory to the level of discomfort I have been in. The bubbles capture my reflection of the creatures I spied out of the corner of my eyes whilst heavily medicated. Painted within embroidery looms to serve as a gentle reminder of the ongoing debate of “art vs. craft” and the role of women within the art world and the medical world.  

*This is the very simplified version but it’s been 20+ years since we sat on a step pondering the meaning of life, and simple now works for me.


May 30 @ 6:00 pm
June 19 @ 6:00 pm
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in.cube8r Gallery & Emporium – Fitzroy
321 Smith St
FITZROY, VIC 3065 Australia


in.cube8r Gallery & Emporium
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