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Lauren Cameron – Solo Show

August 30 @ 6:00 pm - September 25 @ 5:00 pm

Capturing the life, fun and playfulness of women is the main part of Lauren’s work and what she enjoys about her art. Lauren’s main focus as already is female portraits and bodies because she finds the female body so empowering and beautiful. Her belief is that there is beauty in all things even if it’s not the conventional ideas of beauty.

Join us for Opening drinks Friday 30 August 2019 6pm – 8pm
Show runs to 26 September 2019.

Artist Statement

Capturing the life, fun, playfulness and, most importantly, the female experience are not only the main themes of my work but honestly some of the most important ideas I feel I could possibly convey. When showcasing women, I focus not only on exploring the wide variety of natural female body types, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the innate individuality and self-expression that is constantly conveyed by every woman. The female body is something I have always found incredibly empowering, and as such I often focus on the natural curves of the female form in my work, making sure I deliberately draw a woman’s shape constantly flowing. Indeed, in recognising that the female body is inherently a symbol of nature, I find great enjoyment in creating backdrops from what I see around me every day, from houses to vegetation, whilst also taking inspiration from more spiritualist settings as well.

The main source of my inspiration is all the people that surround me, and not necessarily just the women in my life. I find what can inspire me the most are the conversations I have with friends as we all discover the complexities of adulthood and self-care. However, in saying that, I do find a lot of inspiration in the strong women around me- my mother, sister and grandmother are all people that keep me creative and my ideas constant.

The time taken to create my pieces can vary. However, when my ideas are clear I often take little time to put them down on paper, and my processes and skills as an artist are practiced enough that I can regularly achieve a standard I am pleased with. I typically start with a quick sketch and from there will draw a refined version, often using a coloured pencil that will complement my colour palette. This is then placed onto whatever canvas is appropriate for the medium I choose- this is usually watercolour paper. Though I do have habits in how I begin my work, I still feel as though the art is being created naturally as the ideas are always ever-evolving as I work. Although watercolour and gouache seem to dominate my art I also love exploring inks, fine liners, copic markers and digital drawing. Which medium I choose is dependent on the effects I look to create, though the medium can also determine the colour palette I will choose for the work.

I see my art as something that strays from the social norm of female body expectations through a contemporary lens. I exaggerate the socially-undesirable female body to accentuate the blatantly unfair and frankly ridiculous expectations of what it is to be a woman. In further exploring the strict definitions of what is ‘acceptable’ behaviour for women I create art that depicts how women are oppressed in a variety of situations. At the same time however, I endeavour to highlight the importance of women caring for and supporting one another and being proud of their body and mind. Despite the work looking at a range of complex social issues I often employ a relatively simplistic approach to my paintings and drawings: this is done to accentuate the colour and present the key ideas as something straight forward and direct.

My goals as an artist are, admittedly, very ambitions and I constantly push myself to aim as high as I can. However, for me art has achieved its purpose when viewers can be drawn into the ideas whilst also feeling enjoyment from the pieces. Obviously alongside this I am also trying to start recognising a more positive side of myself as I explore negative issues around human and environmental rights. In creating works with self-care messages, I remind myself that my goal is not only to help others by sharing the importance of taking time for oneself, but also that I need to recognise its significance for myself too. When thinking about my long-term goals as an artist, I generally think that I would love to continue my freelance work whilst also working on my own online store, and maybe one day working as a children’s book illustrator.


August 30 @ 6:00 pm
September 25 @ 5:00 pm
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