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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065
In.cube8r Presents: Form

in.cube8r presents: Form

Anika Kirk, In Flight

in.cube8r gallery presents Form, a group exhibition exploring the basic and beautiful.

Form is a meditation on the subject. Artists will explore life – still, moving, golden. Lines and light traced over time and forever captured. Familiar figures of the simple and simply missed. It is beauty – in objects and in beings. Join us for the most instinctual of shows.

For sales enquiries please contact us. Additional photos available on request.

LAURA HAYLEY / Watercolour/Ink drawings, Digital Collage

Laura Hayley is a Sydney-based, multidisciplinary artist focussing mainly on digital collage, and drawing in watercolour and ink. Her work often explores similarities between the characteristics of flora and fauna and human behaviours, rituals, politics and stereotypes.

ID 001                                     SOLD
Function > Form
29.7cm x 21cm

ID 002                                          $30
Function > Form
Digital Collage
29.7cm x 21cm

JOANNA KAMBOURIAN / Printmaker/Visual Artist @jo_msbrown

I am a Lismore NSW based graphic designer, printmaker and multi-dimensional visual artist of Armenian American & Dutch heritage. My work documents an ongoing journey, a search for identity and belonging from a multicultural perspective that crosses generations and encompasses the diasporic experience.

ID 003                                          $180
Vessel I
Serigraph (Screenprint)
44cm x 32cm

ID 004                                          $180
Vessel II
Serigraph (Screenprint)
44cm x 32cm

ANIKA KIRK / Illustrator

Anika Kirk is a published and exhibiting artist from The Gold Coast, Queensland. Focusing mainly on illustration, she likes to mix the cute and unpredictable. She is inspired by nature, pop culture, fashion and travel.

ID 005                                          $350
Birds of a Feather
Colour Pencil and Watercolour
25cm x 25cm

ID 006                                          $390
The Dance
Colour Pencil and Watercolour
25cm x 25cm

ID 007                                          $320
In Flight
40cm x 40cm

SARAH JANE LIGHTFOOT / Botanical Artist  / @sarah_jane_lightfoot

Sarah Jane Lightfoot is a Melbourne based artist who is heavily influenced by the native flora of the Australian landscape. Sarah uses watercolour and pencil techniques to render beautiful botanical illustrations with great detail and precision.

ID 008                                          $250
Silver Dollar
Watercolour, graphite and metallic ink on watercolour paper
42cm x 29.7cm

ID 009                                          $300
The Golden Banksia
Watercolour, graphite and metallic ink on watercolour paper
42cm x 29.7cm

ID 010                                          $350
Fairy Floss Bubble Gum
Watercolour, graphite and metallic ink on watercolour paper
42cm x 29.7cm


As a full time designer I love to utilise my free time away from the screen. My primary medium is graphite and my subject portraiture. I enjoy focusing on the details and interactions of shadow, light and line. Slight difference of each can influence the impression of a subject drastically and it’s these small details that captivate me.

ID 011                                       SOLD
Fleeting Forms
Graphite and coloured pencil
46.2cm x 44.2cm


Anthony McMenamin, born in Derry, Ireland, has been residing in Melbourne for the past five years. He is a fine artist, graphic designer and illustrator. Having worked primarily with pixels over the past ten years, his work is a result of recently reigniting his passion for painting and sketching.

ID 012                                          $590
The Climb
Oil on canvas
51cm x 41cm

ID 013                                          $450
Oil on canvas
40.5cm x 30cm

ID 014                                          $590
Oil on canvas
51cm x 41cm

FENTON MCNAB / Textile art

Yarra Valley artist Fenton McNab has a passion for textiles. Creating stunning art using a combination of traditional and modern macrame techniques, the pieces feature beautiful local and internationally sourced yarns. With a focus on soft textures and contemporary colour palette, each piece reflects the belief that in art we find beauty.

ID 015                                          $450
The Eye
Textile art (modern macrame wall hanging)
150cm x 54cm

ID 016                                          $280
Golden Warrior
Textile art (modern macrame wall hanging)
120cm x 30cm

ID 017                                          $320
Snow Princess
Textile art (modern macrame wall hanging)
140cm x 45cm

KIM SENEKAL / Illustration

I am a Melbourne based Illustrator and designer, a passionate creative, a lover of nature, music and traveling. These become the themes which inspires most of my work. I love experimenting with ink and water and exploring the relationship between textures. Most of my works are a form of expression where I capture stories and adventures.

ID 018                                          $100
Transient I
19.5cm x 14.5cm

ID 019                                          $100
Transient II
Ink and Fineliner
19.5cm x 14.5cm

ID 020                                          $100
Transient III
19.5cm x 14.5cm

SOPHIE SHINGLES / Drawing, painting, embroidery

Non-binary Lesbian artist, working in painting, drawing, and embroidery.

ID 021                                          $300
Acrylic on Canvas
50cm x 50cm

As an individual who identifies not only as a lesbian but also as non-binary, it is important to me that the viewers of this work do not think of the figures as two women based on their shape and physical features, but instead as two headless forms simply touching.


ID 022                                          $400
Sculpture and painting
Dimensions Variable

Form continues until Tuesday 7th November
Contact us for sales enquiries

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