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Exhibition Catalogue: I See You

Exhibition Catalogue: I See You

in.cube8r gallery presents: I see you.

Works included in the show are outlined below & online enquiries are always welcome.

About the show

What is it about portraits which makes them so moving?

I have always found portraiture to be a beautiful example of how an artist can take their own personal style and use it to create an image of a person – beautiful and imperfect – as they see them.

In this show, I asked 10 artists from Melbourne & Sydney to create portraits of lovers, hero’s and idols. Some have submitted incredibly detailed artworks depicting people they admire while others comment on the human condition through portraiture and through lifestyle scenes.

The resulting show comprises of 16 artworks, varying in style, size and medium – tied together with the theme I See You. I hope you enjoy the show & consider adding one of these pieces to your personal collection.

~ Elle-May

BOBZII (@bobziiart)

I’m Bobzii. Your eurasian-genderqueer artist and singer songwriter. I love life. So much, that I incorporate the rawness of it through using the best, worst and blandest parts of life in my paintings and music through specific sounds, colours and subject matter.

ID001  Spirit                                                               $100
Acrylic and watercolour on canvas

ID002 Spiritual Alliance                                          $180
Acrylic, ink and gouache on wood

ID003 Okaasan                                                         $145
Acrylic on canvas

Edwina Graham

Melbourne based artist, Edwina Graham, has a passion for painting and drawing, studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, which she completed in 2001. With a fascination around portraiture, Edwina takes her inspiration from subjects unknown, but from those with an expression or situation that will capture the viewer and leave them with questions around their state or emotion.

ID004 Flip the Bird                                                  $600
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas. Unframed.

ID006 Prisoner of War                                              $400
Oil on Canvas. Unframed.

Giacinta Bliek (@giacintart)

Since a young age, I have been inspired by realism in art, creating paintings and drawings of my family and I in front of our house. They were childlike, as per my age, however, my aim was always the same; to depict real life. I find myself driven by the human form and portraiture.  Through means of oil painting, the practice of controlled brush strokes and blending enables me to portray popular icons and everyday people with great definition. I use online images and observation to mimic their public persona within my paintings.

ID007 Chris Brown                                                   $350
Oil paint on canvas
Width 23cm / Height 30cm
Prints and stickers are also available of this piece.

ID008 Jhene Aiko                                                     $300
Acrylic and oil paint on canvas
Width 23cm / Height 30cm

Heather Peters (@inkysplatter)

Inky Splatter was started by Heather Peters, a Melbourne based illustrator and crafter. Heather loves drawing portraits with a story to tell by adding a hint of mystery with a coy smile or knowing look

ID009 Do you see me                                               $135
Mixed media
29.7 / 42cm plus frame

I played with idea of I See You do You See Me – using the fabulous artist Mab Graves as my muse. It dances with the question of whether we see the faces behind the masks we wear and the reasons we wear them.


Heli Yang (@heli.rabbit)

Heli was born in Dalian, China, and is now based in Sydney. She received her design degree from COFA (college of fine arts) UNSW in 2017. She has loved drawing & creating art pieces since her childhood. Heli is very keen on the historical buildings in the area of Paddington & Newtown Sydney which have inspired this creative series which she initiated in 2009. One of the greatest achievements is the illustrations (One day afternoon & Smoking Rabbit) were among the shortlist in the Australia Qantm Create Award 2012. Heli had her solo exhibition in Sydney Kinokunia Wedge Gallery 2014. 

ID010  The Rabbit Town                                          $150
framed print
40×50 cm


ID011  Cooking Rabbit                                             $150
Framed Print

ID012  Pirate Rabbit                                                 $150
Framed print

Kaitlin Bligh (@artbykaitlinb)

I am a 22 year old, self taught portrait artist from Melbourne, Australia who specializes in graphite realism. Most of my portraits are pop-culture related but I also dabble in family and animal related works where possible. My work is based around people I admire or whom inspire me on a creative level.

ID013  Oh Captain, My Captain                              $450
Graphite pencil on paper
21 x 29.7cm

Prints also available

Kitty Chrystal (@kittychrystal)

Kitty Chrystal is a Melbourne based artist, writer and editor. Their work focuses on figurative drawing, rendered in a combination of ink and digital media, and explores themes of queerness, body image, dysphoria and identity.

ID014  We’ve all got a little devil in us                                $80
Pen and marker
21cm / 29.7cm

Pascale Garlinge Art (@pascalegarlingeart)

My name is Pascale and I am a Melbourne portrait artist, painter, illustrator, storyteller and occasional mermaid. I live and work in the leafy and artistic suburb of Eltham and exhibit with local art group and network, Thou Art Mum. I have two young daughters. I find inspiration in good yarns and small things in the day-to-day, living by “Stories & Memories”.  I love faces and bodies! My portraits and figurative work take the shape of paintings, illustrations, prints, fan art and commissions. I am also an advocate for women and an ambassador for preventative breast and ovarian cancer charity, Pink Hope.

ID015  Instant Orange Crush                                   $850
50.5W x 50.5Hcm
This painting has been powered by Whitney, Tina, Annie,
Madonna and Kate.

Samantha Gregory (@___sammyjammies___)

ID016  “Adrian”                                                        $250
compressed and powdered charcoal on paper.
28cm x 29cm
Frame 31cm x 32cm

Sharnee Taylor (@sharneetaylorillustration)

Sharnee Taylor is a Melbourne based conceptual Illustrator. She specializes in realistic portraits often with a twist, using a range of mixed medias. Sharnee is known for signature brush strokes which she uses against realistic tones. The combination of traditional and digital media creates a fresh and unique look bringing another dimension to her work.

Sharnee has completed over 6 years of study including – Diploma of Illustration, Advanced Diploma In Creative Product Development at The Northern Melbourne Institute of Technology, Micro Business Management Course at CAE, as well as placing in the top 10 at Award School with the Communications Council.

ID017  Super Cage’                                                   $150
29cm x 39cm + frame

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