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Exhibition Catalogue: Sustainability

Exhibition Catalogue: Sustainability

in.cube8r gallery presents “Sustainability”, a group show featuring Melbourne artists doing their bit to create & live more sustainably.

Sustainability is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance and we all have to play our part to live more sustainably. Join us as we  learn about local artists using sustainable practices to create their art.
The show features a variety of art including assemblage sculptures by nancydeesculptures and racer_recycles, lightboxes by ellenspictures, pottery by Juliet Widdows, woodwork by, wearable art by butterflysongstudio and clojomojo, scupltures by Savanna Germano, jewellery by rachelgrosejewellery and germanoarts, and three stunning visual artworks by louisawest_studio.
The show runs until 28 March.

Exhibition Catalogue

Butterfly Song Studio (Kylie Haberl)

Instagram: @butterflysongstudio

My name is Kylie Haberl working under the guise of  ‘Butterfly Song Studio’.  My uncontrollable desire for Artistic fulfillment, plays out in an Eclectic collection of mediums.   The ‘Sustainability’ Exhibition encompasses my favourite medium. ‘Wearable Art’- Designed, inspired and created by Up-cycling and re purposing  reclaimed clothes and accessories into Dramatic Steam Punk and Cos Play themed pieces. Creating from this place of restricted resources fires up my imagination in such a fulfilling way that I rarely sew using a standard pattern anymore.  I love that each piece is a completely unique one of a kind creation waiting to find that special someone who feels its magic.

ID001    $210     Xena                          
12-14 (roughly)
Xena’ was created during a time of emotional turmoil for me.  I love that I instinctively made armour to become a warrior.  Created from Felted Up Cycled Wool Jumpers and Accessorised with re-purposed Belts. I Wet Felted a panel for the back, then fringed it with Wet Felted English Leicester wool Curls some of which were dyed using a natural Avocado stone dye bath.

ID002    $395    Winter Queen                       
14-16 (roughly)
Winter Queen has been a constantly evolving piece.  I fell in love with the many textures that the reclaimed jumpers created.  I felt it needed something really special for the side panels, so needle felted a design to complement the front panels.  Due to the thickness of the fabrics all of the fringing and smaller embellishments are hand sewn.  There are more than 100 hours of time and love invested in this piece. Worthy of a Queen.

ID003    $485    Gypsy            
12 (roughly)
Gypsy has been created slowly of 2 years.  Everything except the hardware for the self covered buttons was reclaimed from Opp Shops including the fringing and roped edging.  The beautiful Peacock inspired skirt was once a scarf I attempted to up-cycle using a standard sewing pattern.  Frustrated when I ran out of available fabric she was put to one side.  Then as I slowly acquired the roped edging, jumpers and fringing Gypsy has grown into one of my favorite pieces.  I can see her being worn in a ‘Gypsy Cantina’ surrounded by Spanish music and dancing.  Well over 100 hours of my love and time went into the creation of this piece a large percentage being the hand sewing of most of the edging and fringing.

Clojo Mojo

Instagram: @clojomojo

Coming from a background in design and development you begin to realise just how much is wasted and thrown out, compared to what makes it into a range. Experiencing this has triggered something within me and I realised that I wanted to reduce the amount of waste produced by my own ‘little darlings’ and give what others considered “disposable” a new life. Consumerism is going to always be a part of living today, so there will always be a byproduct or “rejected materials”. By using these materials and only buying bits and pieces, I will continue to utilise what I have to the best of my ability and think outside the box when it comes to design. In doing so I will not only teach myself, but others how to make a conscious decision about their shopping habits and while making each unique piece, have a better understanding that one person’s trash is truly another person’s treasure.

ID004    $85      Beautiful Remnants Necklace                               
Leather & metal unknown
H 56 x W 18 x D 6 cm
Beautiful repurposed leather & metal chain links

ID005    $55      Beautiful Remnants Cuff                            
H 20 x W 12 x D 4 cm
Beautiful repurposed leather

ID006    $45      Beautiful Remnants Earrings                     
Leather, Sterling Silver
L 12 x W 9 x D 1 cm
Beautiful repurposed leather


Juliet Widdows

I am working as a potter, and am the Exhibitions Officer of the Valley Potter’s Group. I sell my work at various local markets and Federation Square Expo, Warrandyte Expo and have work represented in several Galleries in Australia and Overseas. My work has been published in “Ceramics Today” by Schiffer Publishing and I continue to exhibit throughout the year. I am active in the Community using my Art skills to help Schools and Kinders create murals to make happier spaces to play in. I have also conducted one day workshops in other aspects of Ceramics such as Mosaics, Gargoyles and Garden Ornaments. I am actively involved in the Open Studio and have recently participated in the Warrandyte Expo.

ID007    $250    Copper Red Urn                               
21h x18 w
Love the rich coppery glaze of this piece!

ID008    $300    Icarus                        
13h x 30w
This piece is about re-emerging and finding yourself after difficult times.

ID009    $190 set of 3    “Bone China”                      
20h x 18 w, 10h x 8w, 8h x 7w
This set has bones slip cast to form the handles.

ID010    $90      Damask 1                              
10 h x 18 w
I used antique Damask tablecloth to create textures on this piece.

ID011     $130     Damask 2                              
18 w x 30 h
This tall piece uses antique Damask tablecloth to create the textures.

Louisa West

Instagram: @louisawest_studio /

Louisa West’s current practice challenges the aesthetics of space and the context of traditional still life painting.  Intricacies of Australian native flora are stripped back to a minimal representation, allowing colour and shape to imbue an evocative spatial hierarchy.  Botanical studies are drawn from life, to create authentic connections with the natural environment.  They align with abstract geometric compositions to create a symbolic context that forms subtle connections to Australian landscapes, culture and urban life.

Louisa’s recent practice challenges the context of native flora within urban environments.  Intricacies of Australian plant life are stripped back to a minimal representation, juxtaposing abstract backgrounds of symbolic colour, reflecting various facets of Australian life.The work raises subtle questions of the ways in which humans cultivate space and the impact this has on sustaining our natural environment.

ID012  620      Earthen Delight                               
Oil on canvas, framed in Tasmanian Oak
82cm X 115cm

ID013    $290    Transcend                            
Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, framed in Tasmanian Oak
40.5 X 50cm


ID014  $60      The Urban Garden              
Digital print on archival paper, framed.
20 X 25cm

NancyDee Sculptures

Instagram: @nancydeesculptures /

NancyDee loves the challenge of creating art using only the materials others have lost and she has found. She creates imaginative, quirky wall sculptures from metal, wood, plastic and tile discarded or abandoned on the streets and footpaths of Melbourne. Her art is a gentle reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle. Nancy has had recent solo exhibitions at the Lao Friends Hospital Visitor Center in Luang Prabang, Laos, and the Melbourne City Library, and she enjoys giving artist talks and arranging studio visits.

Nancy is committed to sustainability in her arts practice. She strongly believes in repurposing and upcycling, and uses the metal, tile and wood she finds on city streets and laneways to create her quirky, imaginative wall sculptures. She purchases builders’ adhesive, but compensates for this by donating a portion of her sales to charity. Last year she supported the Lao Friends Children’s Hospital in Luang Prabang.

ID015    $222    Tsunami                               
Bent sheet of metal, bolts, street cleaner brush bristles, rusted wire
Approximately 50 x 50 x30 cm.
Tsunami’ suggests the problems of creating sustainable coastal conurbations, particularly in light of the forces being unleashed by the increase in severity of weather patterns due to global warming.

ID016    $365    Lonsdale Mandala                           
Laminated board, barbecue grill, washers, buttons
A mandala represents wholeness; it can be viewed as a model for living, a diagram that links us to the world inside and outside our bodies and minds. It can refer to all aspects of the life that sustains us: both the inner circle of family, friends, and community, and the outer circle of the natural world.

ID017    $34      All Eyes on the Chac Mool              
Black laminated board, miscellaneous pieces of silver-coloured metal, silver cake tray
The chac mool is a pre-Columbian sculptural figure, depicted in a reclining position with a plate on its stomach. It is thought that such figures were used to make sacrificial offerings to the gods, and in particular, to Tlaloc the rain god,  who was worshipped as a giver of life and sustenance.

ID018    $227    Grand Circle Tour 3                         
White laminated board, street cleaner brush bristles, washers and other round pieces of metal
This work suggests the need to create sustainability through the ‘grand circle’ of  reusing, repurposing and recycling.

ID019    $50      Take Me Home, Country Road                              
Wooden tray, hunks of metal, pieces of painted wood
The title of this piece refers to many people’s desire to return to an earlier, more simple way of life–which becomes increasingly difficult, the more we become engaged in a competitive, global market economy.

ID020    $120     Not on the Level                               
Weathered board, black laminate, metal strips, lug nut covers, springs, cream chargers and other pieces of metal
This work suggests, as an abstract ‘growth chart’, the way our society is continually  pushed towards increased production and consumption for economic prosperity, with no consideration of the consequences of unsustainable development.

Phillip Obrien

Instagram: @racer_recycles /

Nature, scrap metals/plastics, stone, second hand clothing and things I find dumped on the street are my mediums. Racer Recycles is about turning junk and potential land fill into wonderful creative pieces of jewelry, sculptures, hair pieces and clothing.

ID021    $240    Nangture                              
Re-enforced concrete, copper wire, whipped-cream canisters, dirt, moss, kimono silk, polar fleece, tree bark, permenant markerss
Height 42cm, Top width 34cm, Bottom width 13cm
The Re-enforced concrete base was in the bin at my friends cafe after the plumbers drilled the floor for the kitchen drain pipes. I found the whipped cream canisters at a music festival after our camping neighbors left them in a pile and went home.


Polly Shanahan

Instagram: /

Polly found herself saying wah a lot. But you know what? Wah works. This word doesn’t mean what it used to. Wah Works is a combination of her love of creating and the skills her handyman father taught her.What is there to say about a girl who quits her day job to take up woodworking? It’s an adventure and Polly hopes you’ll come with her.All pieces are hand made by Polly in her little workshop in Melbourne, Australia. Made from reclaimed or sustainable wood.

ID022    $260    Comb                         
Walnut, Tung Oil, Beeswax, silver inlay
Height 40cm / Length 27cm / Width 4cm

Ellen Sorensen

Instagram: @ellenspictures /

Ellen Sørensen’s ongoing dialogue with paper is varied.  Always with an air of whimsy, storytelling plays a central role in her work. The versatile artist incorporates diorama, illustration, light installation, projection, multi-layered light boxes, shadow puppetry and moving light displays in her oeuvre.  In addition to being a talented musician herself, she has also illustrated for Nick Cave in The Great Australian Songbook (even though she’s a Kiwi).  Coming off the back of the Art Gallery of Ballarat’s ‘Romancing The Skull’ exhibition, she’s keen to explore some darker tones within the walls of this upcoming group show.

ID023    $270.00 AU     Clouded Vision                                
Paper, Foamcore, LED Strip, Wood Frame
Width 45cm / Height 35cm
If the elements could talk, I am sure they wouldn’t talk like this.

ID024    $460.00           Plastic Sucks!                       
Paper, Foamcore, LED Strip, Wood Frame
Width 45cm / Height 35cm
Dr. Jennifer Lavers is a marine eco-toxicologist and raised the issue of (plastic’s failure to break down) in a podcast interview with Wardrobe Crisis’ Clare Press.This work’s text is a direct quote. Lavers is pretty much a legend and seeks to educate rather than point any fingers. Well worth a listen. CLAREPRESS.COM

ID025    $950.00           Zealandia                  
Paper, Fly Wire, LED Strip, Ply
Width 40cm / Height 40cm / Depth 40cm
In January this year I witnessed first hand what can happen when human beings put their thinking caps on and succeed in reversing seemingly irreparable environmental damage. Zealandia covers an area of 225 hectares in the MIDDLE OF WELLINGTON, including the beautiful river that runs through its centre, and is surrounded by a fence that safeguards against introduced predators of native wildlife. Best idea ever.

Rachel Grose

Instagram: @rachelgrosejewellery /

Jewellery made by silversmith Rachel Grose. Using traditional jewellery making tools and techniques, each piece is sawn, filed, stamped and polished by hand. Using Recycled Sterling Silver all work is made to a high level of craftsmanship and promises to be a durable, precious and unique piece of jewellery.

ID026    $85      Earrings                                
Leaf shape with leaf texture print
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID027    $77      Earrings                                
Hand sawn tree design
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID028    $65      Earrings                    
Fern Texture Print
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID029    $77      Earrings                                
Hanging Wattle Design
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID030 $77      Earrings                                
Kangaroo Paw silhouette design
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID031    $90      Pendant                                 
Platypus Design
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID032    $85      Pendant                                 
Fur Seal Design
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID033    $90      Pendant                     
Brushtail Possum design

ID034    $80      Pendant                                 
Dunnart design
Recycled Sterling Silver

ID035    $85      Pendant                                 
Bilby design
Recycled Sterling Silver

Teena Germano

Instagram: @germanoarts /

Handcrafted Jewellery with a sustainable conscience.

As a jeweller Teena pulls her desire to create from her emotional responses to time spent outside in nature. Seeing nature & all it has to offer drives her to want to create with a sustainable conscious in order to preserve earths precious bounty.

ID041    $50     Three Pence 1942 Sterling Silver Domed Studs                       
sterling silver

ID042    $50        Sterling Silver Flat Studs                             
Sterling Silver
1944 three pence coins

ID043    $50        Sterling Silver cufflinks                   
1942/1936 SIX PENCE

ID044    $50        SOMOAN COIN CUFFLINK                               
Copper & Sterling Silver
somoan copper one cent

ID045    $60        History ring                          
sterling silver
size m
107 year old three pence

ID046    $50        Three Pence 1936 Cufflinks                        
Sterling Silver

ID047    80        Australian Penny Necklace
sterling silver & copper
1964 penny

ID048    50        somoan coin cufflinks                                 
sterling Silver &copper
somoan 2 cent coin

ID049    60        Frilly Necklace                    
STERLING SILVER / copper/brass
copper 2 cent coins

Savanna Germano

ID036    $25      Crab                           
Recycled Wood, seaglass & shell
15 x14cm
Created with recycled & found objects

ID037    $30      Turtle                        
recycled wood, seaglass & sea pottery
17 x 18cm
Created from recycled & found objects

ID038    $25      Seahorse                    
Recycled wood & seaglass
15  x 14cm
Recycled & found objects

ID039    $20      catcus 1                                  
recycled timber seaglass seapottery
14 x18cm

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