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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Want your own little in.cube8r? Franchises are available!counter

Have you always thought you would like to run your own business, but the thought of starting from scratch always made you think it wasn’t for you? Are you a creative individual who is also business minded and super organised? Maybe an in.cube8r franchise is for you!

I always knew I wanted to run my own business… but it is so risky starting from nothing and having to work everything out for yourself without any support or prior business running experience. That’s why I bought in.cube8r, because I wanted to take something which was already established and make it my own. I didn’t want to have to worry about all the little things so I could focus on the big picture.

Cut to 6 months later and I was running my own business, increasing profits, have happy clients, do all my own bookwork, advertising and networking… it is a dream come true!

Now I am ready to share the fun through finding suitable franchisees so we can have little in.cube8r’s all over Australia (and beyond).

img_7610The in.cube8r® franchise package…

When you become an in.cube8r® franchisee you have access to the in.cube8r® name, reputation, branding, concept, a proven system, purpose-built software, annual conferences, support and ongoing business development. You become part of the in.cube8r® network, sharing experience, advertising costs, and other benefits of being part of a larger network.

We provide you with everything necessary to “open the doors” and commence trading, right down to your business cards, stickers and fridge magnets! 

You receive your own in.cube8r® software package which has been specifically written to support our concept and its participants and we provide all the artwork, manuals, graphic design templates and onsite training. You’ll have your own in.cube8r website pages and blog access and reside under our umbrella, which also means access to the main in.cube8r®participant waiting list at the start of your journey.

We provide you with comprehensive training in all aspects of daily routines, management and the on line system, as well as giving you additional support with those ‘once off’ activities which need to be done when you set up a new business. Our technical training is broken down into structured checklists and manuals that make sure everything is covered.

The in.cube8r on Smith Street in Fitzroy has been operating since 2007 and has more than 90 artists who rent spaces month by month. The in.cube8r model has already been run in Brisbane, Sydney and Geelong during that time and the model has been perfected in  terms of shop fit, ratio of spaces and ratio of what’s on display. 

We are looking for a certain kind of person… is it you…?

As we will only ever be small -in most instances one per major city, or even state – we need to know that everyone involved has the ‘stuff’ to make it work and to keep up our awesome reputation.

You have to be a fun loving, warm, outgoing, hard-working and organised person who enjoys dealing with people and has some artistic flair and understanding of handmade crafts and philosophy.

You will be a level headed person who enjoys social contact and interaction and knows how to multi task.


The total cost consists of franchise fee, training fee, business establishment including legal fees and full store fit-out, right down to the bags and stationery, so you are completely ready to start your business!

The investment level is  around $75,000 – $100,000 (depending on size and location) which provides for everything required to start your business including shop fittings, supplies, marketing materials, training and even your 1 months’ rent in the bank. *

You will be running your own business but you won’t be alone. You will have access, support and communication making it a shared experience with everyone involved in in.cube8r® and the creation of our own community…


< Me on the day I became the ‘director’ of my own company!

Find out more…

Give me (Elle-May) a call on 03 9995 8643 or email me at hello @ (remove spaces) for an informal chat about your own special in.cube8r franchise!


I had a part time job for 5 years working with a large mining company in facilities management before i left to run my in.cube8r.  I have accounts, marketing & clerical experience as well as my personal arts practice and i know that all of these attributes will be used daily.

I couldn’t imagine buying any other business, as it wouldn’t be serving what i believe to be my life purpose. I wanted to find a way to spend my days doing something that i love. I’m artistic myself and the ethical model behind the in.cube8r concept supports my own personal ethic and practice.

Franchising means you will never have to be in business alone by yourself. By franchising i am able to access years of experience in the business model that has been tried and tested, and then utilise that experience to make sure that my gallery is successful from the very first day. In essence, I am buying mistakes already made and resolved. 

– Vicki Sinclair, our first franchisee (Brisbane).


*The total capital required will depend upon your retail outlet size and requirements. Our disclosure document gives you all the details in a comprehensive manner.

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