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Check out our handmade gift guides! Curated gift lists just for you with products from our makers.

We know that sifting through literally thousands of handmade products can be a big effort, so we’ve made the job easier by creating some handmade gift guides to make your gift shopping a little easier this year!

Let’s have a look at some of the fun themes we’ve put together so far. If you have ideas for some more please let us know and we will aim to throw a collection together for you!

Handmade Gift Guides from our team!

Australiana themed Gifts

Look, we know the word “Australian” brings back images of factory made koalas in tacky tourist shops, but we think you’ll be super impressed with this collection of Australiana made in Australia by our makers.

This list was made with loved ones in far away lands in mind. Send them a little piece of home to brighten their day and remind them “there’s no place like home”

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Spooky Scary Collection!

We made this collection for halloween, but we know lots of our customers LOVE spooky scary themes all year long! So this one’s for you, or that friend who wears every shade of black and still loves Jack Skellington!

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We have so many makers who work with sustainability in mind, however this collection is all about using reclaimed materials which have been saved from landfill, found on the streets, or found in the opshop! Our makers are giving discarded items new life, which we think is pretty rad!

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Teacher Gifts

Teachers go above and beyond to make those littles lives more enriched and help them learn the things they need to be successful in their wee little lives! Don’t forget something for that teacher on your Christmas list, or gift them something mid year just to say THANK YOU for being amazing!

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Gifts for Teens

Teenagers can be SO HARD TO PICK FOR! But we’ve tried to reduce the pain by putting together this cute list of items we think teens will love!

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Handmde Gift Guide featuring Australian Made GiftsWe hope our curated handmade gift guides are helpful for you this year when doing your Christmas shopping, or just generally gifting to people you love!

If you have more themes in mind you think we’ve missed… let us know below! It’s super fun making these lists so it would be our absolute pleasure to help you out with a hand picked selection of handmade goodies!

Even more available in store!

That’s right, only 50% of our catalogue is currently online so if you want to come and see what other goodies we have from our makers, make sure to drop in to our retail galleries!

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