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In.cube8r Gallery Presents: Occult

in.cube8r gallery presents: Occult

in.cube8r gallery presents: Occult

Halloween is just around the corner, and this means it’s time for our Annual OCCULT show where we discuss “hidden knowledge”. This show is esoteric and mystical, sensory and a little magical.
Join us as we welcome all hallows eve – dress ups at the opening are optional (but encouraged).
Featuring works from
Curated by May Michaels
As we are a no commission space 100% of all art sales are paid directly to the artists.
Opening Thursday, 18 October 2018, 6pm-8pm
Continues to 31 October 2018

Bianca Wolff

Inspired by intensity of emotion and the cycles of nature, Bianca’s tarot deck captures diversity and magic in all it’s forms.

What we put out into the world, acts as a spell. Art is a form of magic that has the ability to transform us, touching us in ways few things can. Bianca’s spells are about changing the status quo and recognizing diversity as key to a holistically well society, in tune with nature’s cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Sensuality and sexuality feature strongly in their work and highlight the importance of joyful, sacred acts of pleasure. This shifts the shame narrative perpetuating the beauty myth, which causes so many people pain and feelings of disconnection from self and others.

Bianca discovered tarot as a toddler in Germany. They spent their life moving between continents and painting, but took 7 years off to create a photographic tarot deck of their own. It was mostly conceived in Australia, in particular the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, however it has since travelled the world and acts both as a collection of art (of which larger prints are also available) and a divination and magical tool.

Bianca is currently Melbourne based and runs workshops and holistic kink rituals for people who want to delve deeper into tarot, sexuality and magic – both in person and online. They have returned to painting and exhibit nationwide as well as travelling in person to facilitate rituals and workshops around the globe.

Wolff’s Cartomancy – a photographic tarot journey
tarot deck of 78 cards

Framed Print

The 8 of Wands
Framed Print

Little Death
Oil paint
Width 20.3cm/ Height 25.4cm

This piece conceptualises the alienation of youth from the inevitability of death, yet simultaneously recognising the beauty and organic nature of mortality

Venom and Voodoo
Oil paint
Width 22.9cm / Height 30.5cm

This piece is an escape from rational knowledge of science and delves into the mystical realm of occultism through exploring landscapes of dark magic, yet with an an overtone of light and colour to welcome the viewer to the beauty of this mystic swampland

Blasphemy Amongst the Bluebells
Oil paint
Width 19.5cm/ Height 25cm

This piece is an emotionally charged illustration of pain at the hands of trauma, yet decorated with gorgeous bluebells to symbolise healing and the blossoming of hope and self-development as an outcome of pain.

Claudia Sullivan

Claudia is a Melbourne based illustrator working primarily in ink. Her work is meticulous and ethereal. She is inspired by witchcraft, esotericism, mythology, music and the natural world.

The High Priestess
14.8cm x 21.0cm

Helena Black

Melbourne based Visual Artist with a love for the strange, dark and melancholy. Animals are an endless source of inspiration and are a main feature in her work.

Occult is a word that conjures up images of mystery and darkness. My Art is heavily influenced by my love for heavy metal music which often has themes associated with death, resurrection, magic and folklore which is why I was so excited to be a part of this exhibition!

Pencil and Pen on Stonehenge Paper – Framed
50cm x  70cm
The Wise Crone aspect of The Triple Goddess

Pencil and Pen on Stonehenge Paper – Framed
50cm x 70cm
The Beautiful Mother aspect of The Triple Goddess

Pencil and Pen on Stonehenge Paper – Framed
50cm x 70cm
The Youthful Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess

Hex Arcana

Hex Arcana is a Melbourne based jeweller, creating dark and somewhat morbid pieces using the age old lost wax casting technique.

My work touches on themes such as alchemy, the occult, symbology, death and mourning, and bones and symbols are especially heavily featured in my pieces. I seek to acknowledge and celebrate the unknown, mystical and sometimes terrifying facets of life.

Maleficarum’ – Ring
Sterling silver ring

Maleficarum’ – Pendant
Sterling silver pendant.

Maleficarum’ – Crystal Ball
Sterling silver sculpture.

Inky Splatter

Heather is the “creative-type-person” behind Inky Splatter. Fuelled by coffee she loves getting creative with pencils, paint, photography, print making and digital art and all sorts of fun crafty projects.

Grim Reaper
Mixed media
15 x 20cm

Fortune Teller
Mixed media
15 x 20cm

Voodoo Queen
Mixed media
15 x 20cm

Mixed media
15 x 20 cm

Kitty Chrystal

Kitty Chrystal is a Melbourne based artist, writer and editor. Their work focuses on figurative drawing, rendered in a combination of ink and digital media, and explores themes of queerness, body image, dysphoria and identity.

Bring me your inner sea
Fine Ink

LHT Creations

LHT Creations creates handmade one of a kind crafts and collectibles. Working mostly with several different types of clay and resin, LHT makes a wide range of things and blings. Custom commissions are always welcome.

Dark Fairy
Polymer clay, epoxy resin, polymorph plastic
12 cm x 15 cm

Lola Kalinski-Digaletos

Lola studied Animation at RMIT. She is inspired by nature, science and ancient archaeology and is obsessed with making really, really small things out of clay.

My work for this exhibition explores the theme of cults and covens that worship ancient and mythological creatures.

Ghostly Cult Creatures
This teeny cult worhips an ancient mythological beast. Along with their leader, they are all in a state of worship, about to perform mysterious, dangerous and cute looking rituals.

$4.50 each / 3 for $12

Michelle Harford

Michelle has been producing art all her life in one way or another. Having experimented with jewellery making and craft markets for the past 4 years, she is now pushing harder than ever with her art, building on skills and experimenting with ideas. with influences ranging from classical/Renaissance art, surrealism, art nuvo and the arts and crafts movement to comics, graphic novels, music and the occult Michelle aims to explore the truth of human existence (if there is one) and explore and push every medium possible.

“The occult has been a big influence in my art, particullary the past 5 years. I’ve had a love of folk law and mythology since I was small. As I got older I discovered witch craft and paganism and discovered a lot of my favorite artist and musicians use occult symbolism in their work and was further encouraged.

As a result I’m trying harder to explore my own spiritualism as well as to re learning how to see the world. Incube8r’s Occult show seemed like a natural fit for where I am now work wise. Hopefully someone out there will see where I’m trying to go with what I am doing as I continue to explore life with my art.”

Bountiful Harvest
pyrography on pine wood
35.7 x 15.1cm
May you never go hungry and your cup runneth over. May the work you turn you hand to be bountiful and you reap the harvest that you sow.

Tribute to the Morrigan
pyrography on miranti ply wood
30cm x 33.8cm
A humble tribute to the Irish/Celtic triple goddess The Morrigan

pyrography on pine wood
28 x 43cm
Cernunnos is an Irish/Celtic god of forests, animals, life and death. In this piece he is depicted as a psychopomp standing between life and death.

Sad Youth Club

Sad Youth Club is a zine/craft project by Sydney artist, Troijarra Ebio. Past body of works explore recurrent themes of sex, existentialism and self love & care. Surrealism and linework are major style components within most works. Most of her zines and craft can be found online and at local art/zine fairs on the east coast under the pseudonym SYC.

Sometimes our deepest uncertainties in life and the obsession of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ leads you to the divine foresight of the tarot. Let the cosmic guidance sink in and pay your respects at the Shrine of Fate and Destiny.

Shrine Of Fate and Destiny
Acrylic, Ink, Box Framed
45cm x 45cm


Sarah creates lost wax pieces in her Brisbane home surrounded by cats, caffeine and glitter. Her work explores contrast, the environment and the mystical. All pieces are made from recycled metal and ethical sources.

Sterling Silver Ring size S


Mickee is a self-taught artist who uses various mediums for his work. He draws inspiration from Street Art, Tattoos, Astronomy and Philosophy

Mickee likes to challenge minds with his outlook on nature and imagination. He believes by looking into the stars you can learn alot about our existence as humans.

The shapeshifter
Watercolour, Charcoal, Pencil on 300gsm paper in Timber Frame
22cm x 30.7cm

Watercolour, Ink, Charcoal on 300gsm paper in timber frame
22cm x 30.7cm

Corinne Lomon

Corinne Lomon is an artist/metalsmith who is inspired by the organic structures, shapes & textures that she sees around her. She completed a BA hons in Silvermithing & Jewellery & went on to learn & study the art of Blacksmithing. Her designs initially start life as observational drawings & are abstracted & developed into designs which then take life in the form of sculptural Jewellery & Blacksmithing. She loves all processes involved the practise of working metals.

When I began my apprenticeship in blacksmithing the forgemaster where I did my training held the belief that the art of blacksmithing was alchemy. I have since come to believe that there is a huge connection historically, not just with blacksmithing but with all metalsmithing & the processes involved! Candlelighting & fire play a huge role in ritual & ceremony associated with the mystical world & the occult; the connections of fire to metalsmithing are infinate & central to the working, manipulation & alloying of metals. The fact that candlesticks have been made by blacksmiths for centuries & these have been used historically in different forms to light candles used in ritual & ceremony cemented my theme for this show.

Small Forged Steel Candlestick

Forged Candlestick

Forged Steel Candelabra with removable sconces

Forged Steel Lily Candelabra with bronze cast head

The show continues to  31 October 2018

Online orders welcome. We pay our artists 100% of every sale!

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