and keep 100% of your sales?

free shipping on orders over $150
free shipping on orders over $150
free shipping on orders over $150

in.cube8r maker fund

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Introducing the in.cube8r Maker Fund!

Here at in.cube8r, artists rent a cube and keep 100% of every sale! 

We love that it empowers our artists to grow their brand, and sell what THEY think is awesome without paying hefty commission on their work. 

However, we know that there are many artists who are not in a position to rent a cube and we want to do our bit to support them too. 

And so, the in.cube8r Maker Fund was born!

From March 2022, 100% of the profits from all in.cube8r branded products go into the Maker Fund which will sponsor makers and artists doing amazing things to have a cube for 3 months, at NO COST to them!

Sponsored cubers will receive:

  • A cube, shelf, rack or other space for 12 weeks
  • All of the perks of a paying cuber
  • 100% of all sales made over the sales period

To contribute to the in.cube8r Maker Fund, simply purchase one of our branded in.cube8r items, or make a one-off contribution when you visit us in store.

At the end of each month, funds are allocated to the fund, and once there’s enough funds to sponsor a cuber, we choose someone amazing to sponsor!

Supporting our space via this fund means we can support artists in need of a little extra help, while also helping us to bring you more wonderful makers to support at in.cube8r

Help sponsor an artist by purchasing any of these items!

Funds raised so far...

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Last Updated 4 June 2022

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JULY 2022

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