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in.cube8r presents: Abstract / Contour

In.cube8r Presents: Abstract / Contour

For this show we have sourced artists who use form, color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process to present ideas and evoke emotions in a poetic, nonlinear fashion. Expect white space, simplicity & softness.


Faith Colwell-Beaver          

Faith is an artist living in Baranduda, Regional Victoria. Colour is a main influence upon her work, predominantly working with colour pencils, Faith handcrafts products for Various Australian and Overseas Galleries. Oil paintings of atmospheric skies are a signature of Faith’s love of saturated colour. Faith’s visual reality is felt through the abstraction of her atmospheric landscapes, and the proliferation of pencils throughout her sculptural work.

Oil Paint
50cm x 45cm approx

Charlotte Moran    

Charlotte makes hand woven wall hangings using the ancient art of weaving. She uses a range of wool, yarn, roving wool and sometimes shells, feathers, beads. Each piece takes many hours to complete to create a unique handmade piece every time. Charlotte’s work is inspired by poetry, the beauty in nature and her surroundings.

Cloudy Landscape
60cm wide by 72cm long

Windows of White
82cm wide by 72cm long

Helen French

Helen refers to her small studio as her “happy place”, where time evaporates once she starts applying paint to canvas. She has always felt a need to create, exploring many different styles of painting and various media, fitting in between work and raising her family. Now retired, Helen has the time to indulge her passions as much as possible, and is currently delving into the abstract expressionist style, and learning how to paint feeling rather than things. The Abstract theme of this show connects in a timely way with Helen’s current love of painting on canvas in the abstract expressionist style, with lots of small details, and a riot of soothing colours.

Distant Thoughts
Acrylic and markers on stretched canvas. Varnished.
36 x 36

Acrylic and markers on stretched canvas. Varnished.
40.5 x 30.5

Samantha Jade Gregory
@_ _ _ samanthajade _ _ _

Samantha Jade is a teen artist who specialises in depicting the human form in its natural state.

Charcoal powder on Stonehenge

Shannon Mary

Shannon is a Melbourne based artist who works in goauche, ink, acrylic, and digital to create both figurative and abstract works. Shannon’s works centres around themes of femininity, mortality, and love.

As someone who is relatively new to working in abstract, creating a piece for this show was an enthralling challenge. There is a freedom in unshackling ones self from the burden of portraying the recognisable.

Steadfast as thou art
29.7 x 42.0cm

Tanya Loh    

Tanya Loh is a self taught artist for whom artistic practice equals catharsis. Painting gives permission to reflect upon, release and purify the challenges life brings. Loh’s work explores the world of human relations, experiences and feelings, more often than not, of a melancholy nature. Simple oblects, figures and the horizon hint at a wider more complex story. Loh’s works are characterised by intense colour and rendering from dark to light, light to dark, always richly worked but flawlessley finished. Her technique requires many hours of work to produce an apparently effortless result.

Breathless: A portrait of anxiety
Oil on canvas

Dawn Rieniets

Dawn’s artwork is about expression, inspiration, and creativity. She’s been making art since childhood, from basement art lessons, to University level Art Theory at State University of New York at Buffalo, USA. Dawn believes that whether making or choosing art it’s all part of self-expression. What we make tells one story, what we see tells another, and what we chose to hang on our walls can give the world a glimpse into our identity. Her works are typically abstract, allowing form and colour to evoke a certain mood or create atmosphere. The materials are acrylic or mixed-media on canvas with vintage magazine clippings, gold foil, and other reclaimed materials.

I was lucky enough to grow up near an art gallery with lots of Abstract Expressionism. Even as a child I felt things while gazing at Rothko’s and DeKooning’s. Form and colour are universal, something anyone can interpret and understand. When I learned more about this genre as an adult, I loved the idea that the works themselves are a record of the artist’s process. They are physical, textural, and moody. One piece can mean something different to artist, curator, and audience member. Now I paint to express myself and also, to inspire others. After a long absence from painting I decided to pick up my brushes again after giving birth to my first daughter. I wanted to show her what it’s like to follow a passion, even when you think you’re not good enough. If I can do it, any Mumma can! I believe that all people are creative in different ways. If you’re not a painter, you could be a master problem solver, or a spreadsheet whiz. No matter your specialty, I think it’s important to fill your creative cup with lots of different types of art whether that be music, film, or fashion. Everything we drink in, spills out into our everyday work.I’m thrilled to be part of this abstract exhibition because it’s my personal favourite type of artwork to paint and admire.

Acrylic, gold foil, on canvas. Tasmanian Oak timber frame.
Width 30cm / Height 40cm

de mistake
The vintage magazine comes from a Harper’s Bizarre from the 1900’s.
Acrylic, vintage magazine, on canvas. Tasmanian Oak timber frame.
Width 40cm / Height 30cm

Acrylic, Gesso, Gold Foil on Canvas. Tasmanian Oak timber frame.
Width 50cm / Height 40cm

Tall Trees Contemporary Design Studio

Tall Trees Contemporary Jewellery Design Studio is located in the lush, picturesque, sub-tropical rain forest’s of Mt Dandenong, located in the Dandenong Ranges, East of Melbourne, Australia.  Helene Campbell is the owner and chief visionary officer of Tall Trees Studio. Working from her studio to individually hand craft each piece, matching stones with differing metals and techniques.Inspiration for each piece is drawn from a number of different forums including the rain forest, her garden, museums, current and historical context and styles, traditional techniques and even the gemstones themselves and sometimes they are just mere whimsy, overall the underlying design context is that each piece created will be given and worn to show Love. When Helene is not locked at her work bench, slavishly creating new pieces to be worn, or completing the business portion of running a Studio, then you can find her either in her garden, or pursuing one of her hobbies at the Waverley Gem Club, cutting gem stones. Private commission work is welcome.

As a Silver & Goldsmith, I find I constantly think in forms and shapes, drawing them from a largely Abstract thought process to a more formalised wearable shape and form. The way a piece will be formed and worn, the materials and who will wear this piece, all form from the Abstract thought process, sometimes guided by a actual item, such as a gem or a flower, or even a person I met. Others times it’s the shape or contour of the metal that will decree the outcome of the piece.

Prices $66 – $136

The show continues to  3 October 2018

Online orders welcome. We pay our artists 100% of every sale!

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