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Do you love shopping at in.cube8r but have a hard time picking what to buy?

Would you like to recieve some happy mail each month, without having to think about it?


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The in.cube8r maker box is a monthly subscription “happy mail” service enabling YOU to support a different artist each month, and recieve a special locally made/designed gift right to your doorstep with a beautiful item (or more) from one of our makers!

Each and every month, the in.cube8r team will co-ordinate with one of our makers to create a special item EXCLUSIVE to the maker box, and send it off to you with the intention of surprising and delighting you with something special.

The maker box is a way to shop local, without having to do a thing.

Simply subscribe and await your first gift!

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Here’s what you’ll receive in your maker box each month: 

– a special creation from one of our local makers to the RRP of $50 or more
– beautifully wrapped like a present
– a beautiful card to let you know which local maker you supported this month
– shipping included!

*** subscribe to 6 months for a bonus additional gift in each box! ***

Subscribing is only $50 per month!

Pay in 3, 6 or 12 month blocks

If you’re a rad person who loves shopping local and supporting artists this box was MADE for you!

subscribe-to-the-in-cube8r-maker-box-and-get-happy-mail-every-month ellemay.michael 867580