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Meet Feminist Ceramicist Jade Lees-Pavey

Meet Feminist Ceramicist Jade Lees-Pavey

Feminist ceramicist Jade is developing her sense of Feminism and her place in Smashing the Patriarchy through Printmaking and Ceramics. Making a strong statement is what she wants to perfect.

Jade works in many mediums and finds that she will use a medium that suits the execution of the idea the best, so she will pursue knowledge in materials that she feels will express her ideas fully.

We asked Jade about what does, what inspires her and what’s next.

What do you create?

I create a lot of different things. At the moment the items that require most of my attention are ceramic cups and plates with Political statements on them which are quite popular at both Fitzroy and Prahran stores. I also create prints from either relief blocks (lino and wood) or copper plate etchings. These take considerably more time to process than the ceramic items and are long term projects.

Tell us a little about your background and what made you start your craft.

My first love was Photography, my second Printmaking and my current romantic interest is Ceramics. I have been creative from a very young age and I enjoy solving design “problems” and learning any skill that I can apply creatively.

Why did you choose in.cube8r? What do you hope to accomplish as a cuber?

I as walking past the Fitzroy store after a ceramic class one day and saw the “Rent Me” sign in a window cube. I had a chat with Kylie and decided to have a go, but only if I could get a window cube. I did, and here we are.

How many hour a week do you spend doing your craft?

Each week it’s between 24-30 hours.

What is your favourite thing about being a maker and what is the hardest?

The best part is I get to make things that make my heart sing. I find it hard not to be a flakey artist, which would suit me so much! I want to be a successful creative and I’m getting there, slowly.

What are you working on? What are your future plans for your craft?

I’m working on ceramic vases. These are a passion project that will be released (I don’t know how or when) when I have accumulated a large enough group. I’m also working on establishing more workshops and being responsible for generating income so that in 6 months I can leave a retail position.

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What inspires you? Who & what are your influences?

I am inspired by Frido Kahlo, Robert Maplethorpe, Christo, Happy people, Pop Art

What are you listening to and/or reading at the moment?

I can’t stop listening to Heartbreak Beat – Psychedelic Furs and at the moment I am reading The Alchemist by Paul Cohelo

Have you won any awards? Exhibited somewhere prominent? Teach your craft somewhere?

I won the Print Innovation award when studying Diploma of Visual Art. I have been a finalist for the Libris (print) award in Mackay Queensland. I recently exhibited at in.cube8r Prahran, I teach workshops to adults and teenagers. And I have an awesome family that I love being with.

Where else can we find you?

I have a website and I am also on facebook and instagram

You can also find a range of Jade’s work right here in our in.cube8r online store!

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