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Are you looking to level up your business?

Join the cube fam!

Shop local and support Australian artists in our Melbourne based Handmade shops!

The Cube-Fam is a community of more than 100 Aussie makers and artists all striving to follow their dreams and support themselves doing what they love. We are a platform bringing makers together to sell together combining retail and the artists in a gorgeous and unique way.

Established in 2007, in.cube8r has two stores in Melbourne (Fitzroy and Prahran) and a fabulous online store showcasing creations from creatives working in a huge variety of mediums.  When you join our network, you get access to our network of more than 15,000 handmade lovers in Melbourne!


About the Cube-Fam

As a member of the cube-fam you get more than just a place to sell your stuff… You get a community of like-minded people, working together and cheering each other on at the sidelines.

As a member you can list your handmade products on our online store without paying any commission on sales and we handle the customer service and shipping of items to our customers. We do all the marketing of the store, and you get to sit back and focus on the part you really love… making!

Will you help me grow my business?

Hell yes! This is what we’re all about!

In our cuber group, you’ll be able to participate in a monthly live-chat catch-up and a monthly business development workshop from an industry professional to help you level up your brand.

We also run workshops on topics like instagram, seo, websites, branding, graphic design and more and you can also book 1:1 mentoring sessions to level up your brand anytime!

How does it work?

  • You become a member;
  • You get involved in our online community;
  • Profit! Well, almost…And if selling with us online or in store,
  • You list your products on our portal;
  • You send them to us;
  • We do the marketing and shipping;
  • And we’re here to help you along the way!

Will you promote my work?

Absolutely! Cubers on our Sell or Grow package are promoted via our  social media marketing (7,500 facebook and 5,800 insta) and email marketing to 3,500 people and are even able to collaborate with us on product launches and pop ups in our space! That’s exposure to more than 16,000 handmade lovers!

Not only that, but we will teach YOU how to promote yourself better, empowering you to grow your business!

Can I rent a cube in the store?

If you would like to also have a cube in the physical store(s) you can book at anytime and pay by the day (discounts for long term cubers) to release a new collection, test a new product or just to have a physical shop front as one of our retail cubers! Many of our cube renters have been with us for years, and consider their cube the retail arm of their business!

Cube Rental Info HERE

Can I just join the community but not sell product? I'm not ready yet but want to learn!

Yes absolutely! Our $39 membership was made for makers and artists who want to learn but not sell (yet) so jump on in!

Will I get to collaborate and interact with other makers?

YES! Once you join you’ll have immediate access to our maker community of more than 120 makers who are working together to grow their handmade/arts based businesses.

The community is on our private social network which you can access online or via our app and we are constantly collaborating and encouraging one another to try new things.

Elle-May headshot

in.cube8r is run by Elle-May, marketing nerd, full time tinkerer and lover of animals, community and all things creative! Read more about Elle and the team here.

Basically, we’re here to support you on your journey from hobby business to full time creative business. 

There’s memberships for makers who are just starting out, to those who are trying to take their business to the next level. All you need to do to take the next step in your business today, is choose a membership level and apply!

All cubers receive...

✔️Access to our online community of more than 100 Australian makers and designers

✔️Daily prompts and tips

✔️Monthly live online catch ups with cubers to discuss all things running a handmade business

✔️Monthly business development workshops run by industry professionals

Best for makers & artists who want to join our online community and just exhibit in a show from time to time
✔️Access to our online community of more than 100 Australian makers and designers

✔️Daily prompts and tips

✔️Monthly live online catch ups with cubers to discuss all things running a handmade business

✔️Monthly business development workshops run by industry professionals


✔️List *12* artworks / pieces via our online store & instagram shop

✔️Your products promoted via social media and email marketing

✔️20% off submitting work to exhibitions

✔️20% off solo shows

✔️Run workshops in our Fitzroy space during business hours for $50 / 2 hours

✔️Artist profile on our website

✔️Advertising opportunities in major publications like Peppermint Magazine

✔️Option to rent a cube

* If renting a cube, you are not limited to 12 items online 

Best for makers & artists who want the benefits of our online community as well as wanting to sell with us online (and in store)
✔️Access to our online community  of more than 100 Australian makers and designers

✔️Daily prompts and tips

✔️Monthly live online catch ups with cubers to discuss all things running a handmade business

✔️Monthly business development workshops run by industry professionals


✔️List 24 artworks / pieces via our online store & instagram shop

✔️Your products promoted via social media and email marketing

✔️20% off submitting work to exhibitions

✔️20% off solo shows

✔️Run workshops in our Fitzroy space during business hours for $50 / 2 hours

✔️Artist profile on our website

✔️Advertising opportunities in major publications like Peppermint Magazine

✔️Option to rent a cube

* If renting a cube, you are not limited to 12 items online 


✔️ 1 x 45 minute private mentoring session per month (valued at $89)

Best for makers & artists who want tailored support in addition to the other membership perks.

What our cubers have to say about us


Thank you for another great live mentoring session and well guided. I like the live ones because: - They often delve into other areas, so are VERY content rich - They give me confidence because I can see that others experience the same problems - I learn tips from others…read more


in.cube8r is an amazingly supportive space, where you get the opportunity (if you want to take it), to be mentored, to curate and launch your product ranges. What an amazing space to see what works or doesn't work. To be surrounded by like minded individuals and the most supportive team…read more


I love selling my unique gifts and accessories at in.cube8r because they go out of their way to promote everything from locally handcrafted jewellery to Australian inspired original artworks and everything in between. They also have amazing customer service. You are always greeted with a genuine friendly smile every time…read more


Behind Sun Shell Creations is a mother and daughter duo, Reyna and Kaylee who are both passionate about creating colourful pieces inspired by nature. Having them displayed at in.cube8r is such a privilege. We love to see people happy through our collection. Sun Shell Creations


I love how the in.cube8r team are so dedicated to promoting their makers' beautiful product in a creative, passionate way. They allow me to focus on creating new items whilst they spread the love! in.cube8r gives local makers opportunities so hard to get elsewhere whilst starting out - that's so…read more


The diversity and inclusion are some of the reasons why I love selling and displaying my earrings at in.cube8r! Unicorn Dreaming Accessories


I love showcasing my bath and body products at in.cube8r because they have a wide variety of talented makers and a wonderful curation of different styles and artistic mediums all in the one place. Wilde Aroma


I love both the online & in-store presence I have at in.cube8r! I get to showcase unique pieces to a wider audience than ever imagined! The exhibitions push me outside of my comfort zone and help me to grow as an artist, whilst the knowledge gained from the workshops is…read more


I love in.cube8r! Providing Australians with access to authentic quality handmade products, providing artists with essential small-business support, networking and sales avenues and providing a much-needed boost to to the arts community. I love selling my watercolour original paintings and limited edition prints through in.cube8r because I know I'm reaching…read more


Jantina is passionate about being a part of the in.cube8r family as it is a fantastic platform to showcase, promote, and sell to a wider audience with both the physical and online presence. Jantina


My Colourful Abstracts, Homewares & Art Scarves are all part of the family at in.cube8r. Tish Willo Creative


I bloody love being a part of in.cube8r! Having my colourful abstract art pieces and digital designs stocked amongst the work of so many talented makers in Fitzroy is an absolute dream. The support, insight and development tools we receive are fantastic and the business structure is uniquely supportive of…read more


Having my pottery and textile work at in.cube8r is fantastic because I love being part of an artistic community. We all support each other and learn about each others' crafts and practices. It is a joy! Get Fired Up Art


As a maker, having a retail presence at the Fitzroy and Prahran stores is a fantastic opportunity for me and the direct customer feedback is invaluable. Julie Stephens


Located in the two prominent plant lover suburbs in Melbourne, in.cube8r has been perfect store to sell my coasters made with real flowers and nature blooms conserved in resin. artbypriyanka  


Without your cuber group I may have given up making all together this year - I cant over overestimate how positive the group is. - Sarah Munnings Jewellery

I love being a part of the in.cube8r team! It’s supportive, creative and has unique products you just can’t find anywhere else. it started with a bee

-by-Amethyst Moon Art

I love selling my mixed media art works at in.cube8r because the team is so encouraging, supportive and artist-centred. It really feels like they want you to succeed! Amethyst Moon Art

Now more than ever, its important to support local. in.cube8r is a great platform for emerging designers to break into the market. It's a great place to find unique gifts and with Christmas coming up its the perfect time to spoil yourself or your loved ones with something DECADENT Decadent


in.cube8r is a perfect steeping stone for any new artists who want to share their ideas or works to the public. Doramenda

Juliet D Collins

I love being part of the supportive and inspiring in.cube8r community! I've learnt loads from the friendly staff & other makers and it's such a joy to see my own textile artworks displayed alongside such a variety of beautiful handmade products. Juliet D Collins

I love selling my handmade Polymer Clay jewellery at in.cube8r because it is a great community of makers. We all support and inspire each other to do better. in.cube8r is not just a place to sell handmade products but also a place to learn how to run a small business…read more

A Vibrant Nest

in.cube8r is a great place to find other amazing makers, to be supported and you learn so much just being part of it. The team is wonderful and the quality and range of products there are inspiring! A Vibrant Nest

Being Benign

I love selling my Handpainted Clothing at in.cube8r because I love being part of an amazing community of artists that support each other and a part of a passionate team that supports local makers. Being Benign

Unicorn Dreaming Accessories

in.cube8r is a great place to showcase “art” whether it be a painting or earrings. This is why I love having a cube so I can showcase my earrings as there is no end to creativity! Starting my glitzy resin journey, let’s go for a ride! Unicorn Dreaming Accessories

Hidden Petals

in.cube8r is more than just a selling platform, it's a amazing place to connect with local artists, to support and learn from each other! Hidden Petals

Ana Williams

I am so excited to have recently joined in.cube8r to sell product from my clothing label and Contemporary Paper Jewellery line. As well as being nurturing and supportive to the Artist, in.cube8r imbues makers with a strong sense of self and offers a truly fun and energised community. Ana Williams


Joining the in.cube8r fam was one of the best decisions I made this year even though most of the time I've been with them there was some sort of lock down. So if you create art (including jewellery, clothing.. oven mitts .. chicken wings) definitely have a look and join…read more


Thank you for all of our coaching sessions. You inspired & enabled me to finally get organised, begin taking some decent images & create a website that is a digital portfolio of my work. I couldn't have done it without you! - Corinne Lomon

Corinne Lomon

I have really appreciated all the knowledge I've gained from Elle's teaching and mentoring. I have attended planning and marketing workshops with other Cubers that were great value. She has also coached me in developing both my own NancyDeeSculptures website and the website for Creativity Cluster, a group of nine…read more

Nancy Dee Sculptures

The optimising Instagram workshop was a great way to break into the sometimes hard to understand insta world. Elle is great at creating a tailor made experienced that focused time on the areas we needed most, would recommend to anyone wanting to start building an Instagram following

Harry Millward Design

I think in.cube8r is a perfect stepping stone for any new artists who want to share their ideas or works to the public. I have learnt a lot about the market as the team will let me know the customers' feedback when they visit and send us a lot of…read more


I love selling my works at in.cube8r because it is such a great community, like a little family. Not only are Elle-May and the staff super helpful and supportive but I've built up some great relationships with other fellow in.cube8r artists from my time there and I love supporting what…read more

Christine Amanda Art

in.cube8r is a small gem hidden in the middle of a big city. I found my cube at just the right time, when I needed a local creative platform I never knew I could afford! But I had no idea it would unleash so many other wonderful opportunities to learn,…read more

Aiddie Jae

I love being a part of the creative community of emerging artists and designers at in.cube8r. As a new maker, having a retail presence at the Fitzroy emporium is a fantastic opportunity for me and the direct customer feedback is invaluable. Elle-May is helpful, full of ideas and always on…read more

Julie Stephens Designs

Selling @incube8r Fitzroy and Prahran, has given me the opportunity to sell in a supportive environment. Most of all it's fantastic to be able to test what products work well in different locations, and to discover what customers actually want. It also can be fun curating a cube, changing things…read more

Kate & Rose

in.cube8r is the first physical shop I decided to stock my products at. For an online seller I was hesitant in the beginning but I’m glad I trusted my instinct and went ahead. To say the least, some of the benefits of being part of in.cube8r are, in.cube8r is beyond…read more

Emily's Utopia

The process of stocking my products at in.cube8r was quite simple and the team are so supportive. It's a great little community that supports local artists and makes it easier for them to make a living out of being an artist whilst still being able to practice their craft. -…read more

Gen Engelhardt Photography
Tlh Inspired

in.cube8r galleries have given me the opportunity to establish my brand in vibrant, dynamic, inspirational MELBOURNE! While each cube tells the story of its artists, together we form a community hub of Australian creative talent. As an interstate cuber being part of this community would not have been possible without…read more

TLH Inspired
Skadi Jewellery Design Logo

Elle is the much needed bridge between creatives and business. She understands artists and how to impart her knowledge in a way which is engaging, understandable and exciting to implement. Couple that with the wonderful supportive environment offered by other creatives in the same position and you have the perfect…read more

Skadi Jewellery Design

At in.cube8r Prahran every week for the past 8 weeks, my fledgling business has been nurtured in the safe hands of Elle and 3 fellow creatives.  Our 4 businesses are at different stages, going in very different directions, and the Kickstart Your Business sessions have been fantastic. We chat away…read more

Judith Scott Upcycling
A Vibrant Nest Logo

Doing this course has helped me to get really clear on the direction I want to take my business and helped build my confidence to actually do it. It's been filled with practical advice, generated a ton of ideas and been a source of great support and inspiration for me.…read more

A Vibrant Nest
Kylie From St David Studio's Kids

in.cube8r has played an integral role in the development of my handmade children's clothing range, which now has customers returning when they need gifts. The support, feedback and advice from in.cube8r has made me believe in myself and what I'm doing, which in turn has made my children's range successful…read more

St David Studio 3065
A Pois

Thank you so much Elle! You gave me opportunity that I never thought possible! I was nearly packing up my business! Just wish I discovered in.cube8r years ago!! - Kotoyo Hirano-Dawson (A Pois)

Rating: 5
Earrings-sterling-silver-agate-by-germano-arts-by-germano-arts-107404-Germano Arts

in.cube8r gallery shows & supports some of Australia's finest handcrafters. All mediums are represented with 100% of all sales going directly to the artist. Always worth a visit whether you are a local or just visiting the wonderful area of Fitzroy, Melbourne. Right from the onset Elle-May showed through her…read more

Germano Arts
Rating: 5

I joined in.cube8r almost one year ago, and I had no idea I would be joining such a talented community of artist and creatives! I love coming in to restock and having a browse around at all the new and wonderful art from exhibitors and fellow cubers.


in.cube8r is a homegrown concept that helps nurture and showcase awesome handmade art, and artists, in a unique and approachable way.  It is constantly changing as a  space, and a concept as a whole - but what remains the same is the fact that I love it! I l have…read more

Of That Ilk
Rating: 5

From the incredible amount of local talent, products, and regular art exhibitions, to the strong community of likeminded people. I have been stocking my prints and artwork there for two months, and have also exhibited in a group exhibition. Elle-May and the team are so supportive and provide many opportunities…read more

Rating: 5

in.cube8r is not the sort of art shop you can just walk past. One little look and you'll be sucked in - but it's worth it! Funky jewellery, crazy creatures, weird bits and bobs, beautiful cards, colourful clothes, original art pieces AND a gallery out back... all the happiness of…read more


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