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Keeping Track of your Sales

If this is your first time handing your precious stock over to a third party you might be unsure of how to keep track of everything!

Here at in.cube8r we have a custom build point of sale system where every cuber gets their own account, barcodes & portal logins. When you bring in your stock we will provide you barcodes for each item & you’ll be able to note down which code goes with each item. This means when something sells you will know exactly what it was & can bring in a replacement (if appropriate). We try to make everything as clear and simple as possible giving you 24 hour access to your stock & us a view of what’s in store at any time.

Coding your stock

You have two options here. If you aren’t sure what you’re going to stock just pop on in and we will wing it. If you have a stock list in mind though, you can download the in.cube8r stock list spreadsheet! This link takes you to a google document that you can fill out prior to bringing/delivering your stock to the emporium.

Downloading the file

  • If you use google drive, you can add this file to your own drive by going to FILE > Make a Copy. You can then share it with in.cub8er or print it and bring it with you on the day… up to you!
  • To download the file and edit in excel or numbers go to FILE > Export > Microsoft Excel and then either email the file to in.cube8r or print it and bring it with you on the day… up to you!

Once you arrive (or prior to arrival if you’re super prepared and send us the sheet before you get here) we will allocate your barcodes & add them to your sheet (if provided).

After you’ve filled your cube….

Keeping track of sales

You’re in! Now you want to name your barcodes in the system & keep track of what is selling! Introducing the in.cube8r artist portal at

After you’ve set up your cube, I encourage you to log in to the portal & name them using the pink edit button. This will make keeping track of sales much easier for you. If you’ve kept a spreadsheet & can’t be bothered doing this yourself we are happy to do it for you at $10 per restock.

On the homepage after logging in you’ll be able to see all available codes in the emporium.

Screenshot of stocklist in in.cube8r portal

  • Ignore the first column… the number you want to look at is the ITEM BARCODE in the second column. 
  • Barcodes show in reverse order, newest at the top
  • Sold or cancelled items won’t show on this list. Notice how 001761 is missing? It’s sold!

Editing Codes

To edit a barcode, simply hit EDIT and add a description. This desription is for YOU but can also be helpful for us and is the first place we turn to when we need additional information about your item (what stone is this? What is this made of). You aren’t required to use this feature but it will make things easier for everyone if you do. We also can only replace stolen items if they are clearly labelled here.

Viewing sales

We process sales via the portal in real time so you can check it anytime. Here’s how to use it!

  • Click SALE REPORT in the menu
  • Choose the dates you want to view sales between.
    • IMPORTANT – you must put two dates or it won’t work!
    • IMPORTANT – use the little button next to the box rather than typing it if you have troubles… on some browsers it seems to prefer USA date format!

In the example above you will see I selected 1-May to 17-May and the report has given me back two sales between those dates, one for $50 and one for $200. In the box to the right you can see a big red X, this means I haven’t paid you for these sales yet so they will be in the next payment batch (11th of each month).

Questions? Comments?

Let me know below!

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