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Labelling your items

When you are providing stock to the store, we need each item to be clearly labelled with the price and SKU so that we can process a sale in our system.

Labels can be handwritten, printed and stuck on at home or we can print you stickers to put on your tags.


If you would like to handwrite your tags, simply include the SKU from the portal, and the price. If there is other info we should know, such as stones featured in your jewellry you may like to add this to the tag as well.

If your items don’t yet have SKU’s because they are new, you can find the number that will be allocated by hovering over the item on the products page and noting the ID number.

labelling-your-items by ellemay.michael


We can send you an A4 print (or label size print) of your labels so you can print them at home and stick them onto your items. This might be preferable for cubers who already have label printers. If you don’t have a label printer, but want to print on copy paper and glue / tape on, this is also fine!

To request the print out just MESSAGE US and we will send you a page with all your SKU’s or alterntaively the SKU’s you have specified. 🙂

Very clever cubers may like to use the Barcode Generator, please get in touch if you would like info on how to do this.


If you have filled out your product information ahead of time we can print the labels with all of the important information including the title, price, SKU and a barcode in store.

Our stickers are 51mm x 11mm DYMO labels.

Please note: If you are posting your stock we require you to write the codes onto your items so we can match them up when the stock arrives.

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