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Land. Sea. Sky. Exhibition Catalogue

Land. Sea. Sky. Exhibition Catalogue

Join us as we celebrate land, sea and sky in this group exhibition by three friends

The impetus for this exhibition developed from a shared residency and Le Studio Artspace in Mordialloc. We discovered a mutual appreciation for the landscape, a love of exploration, experimentation with mark making and energetic application of paint. Individually our responses to the landscape are about the representation of time and place. As Artists we aim to communicate an evocative mood, convey a dynamic response to the landscape through intuitive expression and the use of colour harmonies.

Featuring works from: Stella Greig /Jenny Jessop / Paula Lindley


Stella Greig

Stella is a Melbourne artist who lives and works from a studio in Mordialloc. Stella has been a Visual Art Educator and artist for over 30 years and has worked consistently on her art practice along that journey.
Stella’s paintings are intuitive, autobiographical and experimental in an expressive style. Her current oil paintings are strongly influenced by the sea with a more abstract emphasis on the horizon as a compositional motif with dynamic use of colour. Stella has worked in many diverse media and materials but loves the textural surface qualities of oil paint on canvas to express her ideas and concepts. 

My current series of oil paintings are about the sea and sunsets. I have titled the works ‘Sunsets and cocktails’ as the rich and subtle nuances of the sea, land and sky, strongly permeates in my compositions. I have completed this series with a very thick rich application of oil paint using a range of brushes and palette knives.My colour palette is softer, more subtle in this series as the sunsets experienced in winter are so different in hue and saturation, that is what I have tried to communicate in my work. These paintings are emotive, intuitive and gestural and this is further emphasised by the horizon line that divides the sea, sky and land. This theme resonates with all the concepts that I have been working on the last few years.

Paula Lindley

Paula graduated from Prahran College of Advanced Education in 1979 with a Diploma of Art and Design major in Drawing. She worked in education and the arts industry for most of her career which provided her with an extensive knowledge of the history of art and contemporary arts practice. She recently returned to her own arts practice after a long hiatus joining Le Studio Art Space in Mordialloc.

I work predominantly in acrylic on paper, board and canvas and prefer to work quickly mostly wet on wet painting technique with an emphasis on mark making and gesture. I was born in England and growing up here in Australia came to appreciate the ancient geography and unique and awe inspiring geology of this “lucky country”. I have always been drawn to water, to the land and the light. I immerse myself in the places I have been, interpreting aspects of the changing face of the landscape, the subtle and the sublime.

Jenny Jessop

Jenny Jessop is a Melbourne based artist who works in oil and acrylic. She is a graduate from Dun-laoighaire College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland, with a Fine Art Degree.
Having moved from the west of Ireland to Melbourne in 2011, Jessop’s principle theme in her artwork is imagined places.
Much like spotting animal shapes in the clouds, Jessop spots places she has once been, or never been, under her feet, through markings on the ground. From cracks on the pavement to oil stains on concrete, Jessop develops her observations into drawings and paintings of Land Sea and Air. Jessop has exhibited her artworks in numerous shows and has held solo exhibitions in both Ireland and Melbourne.

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