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Meet Wire Jewellery Genius Little Hangings

Meet Wire Jewellery Genius Little Hangings

Little Hangings was founded by avid jewellery enthusiast Renee, and grew from a love of intricate, minimalistic wire jewellery pieces that still make a statement. Little Hangings offers affordable, hand crafted, and high quality jewellery. Renee creates jewellery that is both minimalistic and artistic and each piece is handmade and meticulously scrutinised to ensure consistency in quality.

We asked Renee about what’s next, what she enjoys about her craft and how she discovered in.cube8r.

Tell us a little about your background and what made you start your craft.

I was always creative and wanted to make that my career when I was a kid. But as I got older it scared me more and more to go into a field where you make money by selling your talent. So I tried the science thing for a while and that definitely wasn’t for me so it kinda confirmed to me that I should be making a career out of something I actually love (even if it’s scary). Jewellery seemed like the perfect option as I’m passionate about fashion and love designing and making things with my hands.

Why did you choose in.cube8r? What do you hope to accomplish as a cuber?

Incube8r was recommended to me by someone at a market quite early on and I had never even considered putting my designs in stores yet! But they talked so highly of it that I had to check it out! Incube8r seemed like the perfect first store to try out and seemed to suit me well as I could be completely in charge of my display, products and pricing! Now I’ve been at Incube8r over two years and couldn’t be happier that I decided to try it out!

Is your small business a hobby? a side hustle? Or your full time gig?

At the moment I work on it any spare time I get when I’m not working at my casual cafe job. But I just got accepted into the NEIS program so it’s my goal to be able to make this my sole and full time thang! And hopefully it works this time! I attempted that about a year ago and had to go back to casual work…

How many hour a week do you spend doing your craft?

Probably 30+, even more if you count the time spent at markets

What is your favourite thing about being a maker?

I love the flexibility I have when working for myself! I also love that I’m able to make money of something I genuinely love doing and would be doing even if it was just for myself.

What do you find is the hardest thing about being a maker?

The hardest thing is keeping on track. No one is there to tell you what to do or when things have to be done by… That’s all up to you and if you’re not strict with yourself you can really let things slip and it’s hard to get back on track if you do.

What are you working on? What are your future plans for your craft?

A lot….. I’m trying wax casting at the moment which is completely different to the wire work I do currently. But it will hopefully become my main thing if people like it! But ideally I’d love to incorporate both wax cast components and wire into my pieces so I can keep the minimalism that wire provides but also be able to incorporate some more unique and artistic elements with wax.

As a child what did you want to be ‘when you grew up’?

Many things… An artist, illustrator, makeup artist, I think even a weather presenter at some point but didn’t we all…

Where else can we find you?

You can find me on both Instagram and Facebook, through my website and at Pink Ember Studio.

You can also find a range of Little’s Hangings work here in the in.cube8r online store!

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