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Meet the Artist: Danielle Zanetti

Meet The Artist: Danielle Zanetti

This week, we had a chat with Melbourne born jeweller Danielle Zanetti who has rapidly secured herself a reputation as a jeweller of exceptional artistic vision. Emerging from a long line of Venetian artisans, Zanetti celebrates a heritage of craft and design.

Danielle has won awards for her jewellery such as “Best Accessories” at the Fashion Exposed trade fair (2009) and has stocked in galleries and boutiques Australia wide. Her work has also appeared in Australian Vogue and Fashion Trend Australia.

In this interview, we get to know Danielle a little better.

Welcome Danielle!

Tell us about your craft!

I started with glass casting which is a massive process of sculpting in clay or wax then making moulds and firing in a kiln. Then I found out I was pregnant and really had to make the decision to stop with the glass and make things that didn’t take so much of my energy. Jewellery was my first thought… and now i have been busy designing for 18 years!

A few years back I was lucky to source authentic vintage brass chain that started a spark to design a range of jewels using semi precious gemstones. Finding the stones is so time consuming but so satisfying when I find some beauties. They definateley have a power that realy attracts me to a particular stone. I hand wrap each bead with wire and turn them into drops that I attach to chain.

Jewellery is such a creative process, the possibilities are endless. I need to be in a super creative mood to produce pieces, the creativity comes in waves and I have to go with it while it’s there. I can spend weeks at a time obsessed with making certain designs but also I  can go for months without making a thing.

What do you do when you’re not making jewellery?

Raising three girls is my first priority. Then spending time on my craft when ever i can.

My partner, children and I spend a lot of time in a forest in NSW where we have a little cabin that we all helped to build with fruit trees and a veggie plot! When we are there we do lots of swimming in the river and bush walks. We have great adventures and great memories!

Future plans for your handmade business? Anything exciting in the works?

Wow future plans! Selling jewellery online is my goal for now but I would love to open a shop one day full of lots of gorgeous things and help support the handmade community!

I am currently collaborating with an amazing photographer on a special project making jewellery out of pub trash! It’s all a bit secret for now but you can follow the project on instagram @queenofthepub. It’s going to be super amazing!

What was it about in.cube8r that appealed to you?

Fitzroy is dear to my heart as I spent my youth growing up there. My father came from Italy straight to Fitzroy in the early 1940’s (a lot different then!). As in.cube8r is in Fitzroy I’m thrilled to be represented in the area. It really does feel like an arts community for me and the fact that I get 100% of my sales is fantastic.

Childhood Dream Job


Favourite Book

Perfume by Patrick Suskind.

Favourite Band

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Danielles’ range can be found in the window here at in.cube8r Fitzroy as well as on her website as well as on Facebook & Instagram.

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