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Meet The Artist: Matilda & Marlow

Meet the Artist: Matilda & Marlow

We had a chat with Sarah Marlow about her wonderful handmade dinosaurs she creates under her label Matilda & Marlow.

What appealed to you about in.cube8r?

I love in.cub8r’s values and how much they support local artists. I’ve known about the space for a while, but didn’t think about showing my work there until I was invited too. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the community and it has helped me get my work out seen.


Tell us about your creations!

I create soft animal sculptures using wool felt, I’m currently making dinosaurs, but I make other animals as well. I design and sew all of my pieces by hand so each piece is unique.

I use a pretty basic process – I sketch out all of my designs using paper and a pencil, which I then turn into a pattern, which gets revised and refined as I go along. I hand sew all my pieces with embroidery thread, they take about 4-6 hours to put together.

What encouraged you to start making felt dinosaurs?

I’ve been making soft toys for as long as I can remember. I might have been inspired by my grandmother making teddy bears (and all sorts of things) when I was younger. I started making felt animals around 5 or 6 years ago, just as a hobby around my studies, although I wasn’t making things I particularly liked.

When I re-watched Jurassic Park a few years a go, I really wanted a model T-Rex but couldn’t find one I liked or could afford, so I decided to make one. It turned out I had a bit of a knack for sewing dinosaurs.

The book Dinotopia, which I was obsessed with as a kid also inspired me!

Today, I’m inspired by the natural world (especially by animals that are big and mysterious and a little bit frightening) as well as heaps of amazingly talented artists based locally and around the world you can see some of them on my instagram.

Any future plans for your craft?

I hope to keep making Matilda and Marlow as unique and as different as I can. I hope to keep refining designs and techniques to make pieces that are special and one-of-a-kind, maybe also bigger and more realistic.

Do you have a day job?

I currently work full time as an administrator for a not-for-profit mental health organisation, which is incredibly rewarding but I would love to be able to spend more time on my craft.

Any other hobbies?

I was a keen photographer for a long time, but haven’t been practising recently. It’s something that I’m looking to get back into.

Matilda & Marlow can be found here at in.cube8r as well as on Instagram & on Etsy.

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