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Meet Hayley who loves creating unique everyday baby items at affordable prices whilst maintaining the highest of quality

Meet Hayley Who Loves Creating Unique Everyday Baby Items At Affordable Prices Whilst Maintaining The Highest Of Quality

Hayley started her business when she was at home with her first born, 8 years ago. She found mainstream Baby nursery linens and bibs were boring and just not very appealing. So with some very helpful guidance from her Mother in-law and several hours of you-tube viewing she started making her own.

We asked Hayley about her range of products, what she finds hardest about being a maker and where you can find her products aside from in.cube8r.

What do you create?

My handmade product line ranges from Bibs to Burp Cloths, Breastfeeding Covers, Change Mat Covers and Nursery Linen, Kindy Sheet Sets and more. I am forever adding to my range as I mainly do a lot of custom order requests.

Why did you choose in.cube8r? What do you hope to accomplish as a cuber?

I chose in.cube8r because it looked like a fantastic space to showcase my creations. Everyone involved is passionate about supporting artists and handmaidens and their work.

Is your small business a hobby? a side hustle? Or your full time gig?

At the moment I am just a little fish trying to make it in the BIG world of handmade. My dream is to become a well known name in the handmade circuit.

How many hour a week do you spend doing your craft?

Oh way to many hours and also not enough. I basically never sleep haha

What is your favourite thing about being a maker?

I love creating unique everyday baby and Nursery items at affordable prices whilst maintaining the highest of quality. It is so rewarding to work with a mum to be, sourcing fabric suiting her desired theme and then seeing her nursery come to life with all of my creations set up and ready for bub’s arrival.

What do you find is the hardest thing about being a maker?

Time!!! Oh what I wouldn’t give for and endless supply of time. The juggle of being a mum of 3, wife, running a household, work (I also have a “real job”) and sewing can be quite challenging and exhausting. Add to that the fact that the creative side of my brain never really switches off and some nights I can be awake into the wee hours brainstorming my next new project.

What are you working on? What are your future plans for your craft?

Global domination…..hahaha no quite. I’m really just working very hard at getting my creations and my name out there for everyone to have and love.

What inspires you? Who & what are your influences?

The internet inspires me hahaha. I am forever surfing the net and reading/watching many many fabulous sewing tutorials.

As a child, what did you want to be “when you grew up”

A teacher

What are you listening to at the moment?

Oooo tough call. At the moment its a mix of Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson

Where else can we find you?

I am on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find my range in a number of stores

Mackay – Fleabags and Co (City Heart and Marian) stores
Hervey Bay- Hatch Design and Creative

Blackburn South – Makers & Vintage
Sunbury – HomeGrown Gifts

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