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Meet our makers in lockdown!

Meet our makers in lockdown!


Meet our makers in lockdown!
Some faces you may have seen, some cuber creators might be new to you.

A few months ago we challenged some of our artists to introduce them selves and give a message out to both our and their followers and customers. Some of them avoid being on camera normally so this truly was a test to speak directly to the community. Originally they were all made into Instagram Reels (again for future readers these were truly strange times). But we thought why restrict it? Those messages are not ecosystem specific.

Of our over 120 creator community at in.cube8r these 11 were the first to answer that challenge and we wanted to share them with you, and maybe if you see something that inspires you, or something you think a loved one would enjoy, or even if you want to join that community this will be a jumping off point for you to love/buy/share/join.

Meet our makers in lockdown!

Alistair’s Magic Critters


We love Alistair’s fun, adorable, and weird critter friends. His creations are something you truly wont find anywhere else. He does not use a mound so each little friend is unique and a one off.

Being Benign’s upcycled fashion

Being Benign

Unique fashion moments you can feel good about are what Stephanie of Being Benign is all about; funky, up-cycled, and full of personality. The name while meaningful is ironically the antithesis of the infectious spirit of the garments and accessories she artfully edits.

Celestial Closet’s other-worldly acrylic jewellery

Celestial Closet

Lets talk about capturing fantasy aesthetic in acrylic craft; Christine manages to walk the line on the best side of magic by being fantastical and whimsical without looking tacky. To create pieces that are at just as home in the cosplay arena as they are on the streets and the workplace is no easy task.

Embelish and Pearl’s decor for children

Embellish and Pearl

Finding children’s room decorations that aren’t mass produced is not always an easy task, but for the big, the bright, the tactile; Helen using her graphic design skills to help parents create an environment for the young bubs to love.

Georgia’s artful embroidery


Georgia’s feminine hand embroidered works beautifully capture a well studied curvaceous bodily antimony. Think Botticelli if he were a cubist and threw in his paint for a embroidery needle.

Harry Millward’s darkwave alternative streetwear

Harry Millward

Harry clearly has a love of soft drapery in their work, preferring to the feeling of a cloud of fabric rather than restricting or overly formal. Comfort, quality, and a considered colour palette come to mind when playing in their rack of garments.

Jocelin’s haunting and earthy art

Jocelin Kan Meredith

To describe Jocelins work is to tie together ideas of gorgeous detailed handwork, stark open space, and the human capability to find spirituality in the ordinary. Emotional without being heavy, and powerful without being obvious.

Juliet’s unapologetic textile art

Juliet D Collins

As a textile mixed media artist Juliet is a celebration of couture and curves, the reckless abandon of femininity, and the beauty of many shapes of womanhood. There is also a love the cityscape of her home in her tactile range of works.

Nancy’s trash to treasure pieces

Nancy Dee Sculptures

I think its pretty clear we love when artists find ways to take waste and make it wonderful, Nancy brings this to the next level by finding what might otherwise be garbage on the ground and thoughtfully uses her skills to give it new life

THL Inspired’s ethereal eco accoutrements

TLH Inspired

A clear love of nature runs through layers of Tina’s stylish silver and ceramic treasures, and importantly that is not just in aesthetic, but in philosophy; where scraps are recycled into new works. The hand textured rings, earrings, and pendents will touch nature loves who want a touch of elegance.

Unicorn Dreaming Accessories bright and joyful earrings

Unicorn Dreaming Accessories

The positivity tap has been left running, and overflowed into Natasha’s sparkling Unicorn Dreaming Accessories. Exuberance is the lifeblood of these fantastic creations.



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