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Meet the Artist: Julie Stephens

We interviewed Julie Stephens, a Jewellery Designer & maker based in Melbourne, Australia

Julie, can you tell us about your brand, Julie Stephens Designs?

I like to think that my collection has a coastal relaxed aesthetic that you can wear to the beach or you could wear out at night. I’m influenced by nature, the beach, the colours of the ocean and the sand and things that just remind me of home. I work primarily with metal clay, I also work with beads and stones and also have some pieces cast which I then get plated in 22 karat gold.

What led you to start making Jewellery?

I started beading quite a few years ago, and I really loved just making beaded earrings, and that started me on my jewellery making path. So then I started doing courses in silversmithing and stone setting and learning how to make my own findings. And that just led to thinking maybe I wanted to do more than just have this as a hobby. I did a course with the New York Institute of Art and Design, and that really kicked off my jewellery business because part of that was developing my this collection and getting it out to market, which is where in.cube8r comes in. I had to do some sort of trunk show or display of my collection and get it out to the public.

How did you come to get involved in in.cube8r?

I found in.cube8r on Instagram and contacted Elle and said, hey, I need to do this display and can I do it in the shop? And from that, I set up my jewellery for one night, and had a show which was fantastic! So people could came along to the opening, and I was there with my jewellery display!

What do you love about being part of in.cube8r?

One of the things that I enjoy about being a part of the in.cube8r family is that it’s being a part of a really lovely, supportive family of makers who are all very keen to see other people succeed. You can always learn from other makers and gain insights into how they do things that might help you in your own business.

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