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Meet the artists featured in the summer edition of Peppermint Magazine!

Meet The Artists Featured In The Summer Edition Of Peppermint Magazine!

We love Peppermint Magazine. They are always so supportive of us and our artists!

This issue, they featured 14 of our makers, so to help you get to know a bit more about each of them we’ve created this little blog post to showcase them, with links to their designs too! Have a little squiz and explore these awesome women and what they make… it’s inspirational!

Deep in the Woods Clothing

Little Hangings Jewellery

Little Hangings was founded by avid jewellery enthusiast Renee, and grew from a love of intricate, minimalistic jewellery pieces that still make a statement. Little Hangings offers affordable, hand crafted, and high quality jewellery.

Mill & Murph

Tiff makes and designs a range of bright, colourful and quirky accessories by laser cutting both acrylic and bamboo. She loves clashing colours and textures together. From monochromes to neons, Tiff enjoys expressing herself through her accessories.

St David Studio 3065

As a family of 3 (mum, dad and 10year old son), originally from Perth, we were transferred to Melbourne 5 years ago.

St David Studio 3065 is our creative outlet and we want to share our journey with you! Tom took up Oil Painting last year and when he has the time and inclination produces truly fascinating works of art! Our son Thomas always like to join in, create and make – think Lemonade Stands; Painting with his Dad, making Candles! Kylie sews beautiful girls dresses and the ever popular Fabric Balloon Balls, Toddler Aprons and boys Messenger bags.We also have a carefully curated collection of Men’s Dapper Accessories – (some products are handmade here in Fitzroy). Inspired by Tom, who likes to have a point of difference with his work suits and weekend wear, he always noticed the lack of “Men’s” accessories when we went to Markets – so now you can find us on occasion with our own Stall at The Rose St Markets and The Fitzroy Markets.

Haboo Design

Irenne is designer/illustrator who has a fun and unique approach in creating jewelries and accessories, which led into an idea to create wearable quirky arts with hopes to bring more smiles to many people.


Elroseabel is a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her works display dreamy and ethereal visuals inspired by the colourful madness manifested in her over-imaginative mind.

Germano Arts

GermanoArts jewellery is made to please & excite the wearer. Beautiful bold colours mixed with precious & semi precious metals. Inspiration for GermanoArts designs are drawn from the semi rural setting where the studio is based.

Just Call Me Cat

Just Call Me Cat is a Melbourne-based boutique illustration and graphic design practice. A keen aficionado of Burlesque, pin-up art and all things vintage, Cat’s work draws inspiration from a by-gone era to create elegant, custom-made and carefully crafted brands and illustrations. Cat’s work aspires to celebrate all women with elegance, flair and humour.

Ivy Design Jewellery

Ivy Design Jewellery is hand-crafted in Melbourne, Australia. Focusing on the beauty of imperfection and natural elements, the founder and designer Stephanie works to create fine adornments with a minimalistic aesthetic.

Why Mary

Janette has always had a keen interest in art, colour, beautiful fabrics and is motivated simply by the enjoyment of creation and the intrinsic knowledge that design was her calling.

Bianca Wolff

Inspired by intensity of emotion and the cycles of nature, Bianca’s tarot deck captures diversity and magic in all it’s forms.

Catherine Gibb Creations

Catherine Anne Gibb is a Melbourne based artist who has worked as visual artist for the last ten years after completing a bachelor of visual arts and on going post graduate studies in creative arts fields.

Lele Jewellery

Lele jewellery is all things sparkly, colourful and Magical. Inspired by psychedelic creatures of the universe and blooming botanical worlds.

Tall Trees Contemporary Design Studio

Jewellery is Love! Jewellery is given as a gift or token of Love by lovers, family, friends or ourselves. Every time we wear a piece of Jewellery, we show the world we are Loved. I meld Gold & Silver with Gemstones to be given & worn with Love

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