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Memento Mori II Exhibition Catalogue

Memento Mori II Exhibition Catalogue

Dancing between life and death, Memento Mori II invites you to reflect on the idea of the mortal and immortal self. To contemplate both the rich and mundane nature of existence and what might happen when it ceases to be. Of moments where life seems endless, to those that remind us that life ends. While touching on beliefs and mythology, it is an opportunity for personal exploration beyond the macabre. Join us as we “remember death”.

Featuring works by

Patricia Leone
Emma Michaelis
Jasmine Iona
Adele Foster
Prudence Illingworth
Yve Thyssen
Sophie Lesin
Jenn Huang
Claudia Sullivan
Carley Harris
Rebecca Pidgeon
Jack Howl
Gemma Mitting

Curated by Tess Wait

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