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Cubers in multiple stores

If you are a cuber who is stocking two stores, you have two seperate stock lists & sales portals. 

When in the CUBER SALES PORTAL if you check Top Left, you should see the words Vendor Switcher

Select the store you’re managing stock for to see the reports and stock lists which are relevant.

Things to note

  • If you are a cuber in two stores, the edit profile button will not work. We create a special profile page which merges your stock together so you just have one online presence. Because of this, we request you message us if you want to change your online profile and we will make the edit for you.
  • We can move products from store to store, just let us know the SKU’s you wish to move via the message us function.
  • If you have duplicate items in both locations, we will need to choose which to stock online and which not to… We’re still working out the kinks with this so please discuss with Elle. Potentially it might be easier to keep online sales in only Fitzroy or Prahran (your choice) or stock different products in each store. Every cuber will be different, so let’s chat about it.
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