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New Cubers – Feb 2018

New Cubers – Feb 2018

In this month of romance we’d like to show a little love to our amazing new artists! This month, we have a fantastic group of new cubers including Wool Craft who make the most adorable felted animals, A Little Bird Made Me who is completely inspired by tea, Polly Collective who fashions colourful abstract patterned polymer clay jewellery, I Feel Filigree who uses the traditional filigree technique to create nature inspired jewellery, Oh Jessica Jessica an animation artist who creates eye catching enamel pins, Roger Campbell a visual artist who creates bold images with the iconic, Nicola Palazzo a mosaic artist who is currently dabbling in costume jewellery and Donna Fox who uses precious metal clay to create striking silver jewellery.

Let us introduce you to these incredible artists. If you’re interested in what they have on offer pop in before the end of this week to recieve 10% off their cubes (mention this blog post) or email us to secure the deal!

Meet Our New Cubers

Wool Craft

My name is Gen and I make toys from wool. My passion it to create a little characters that would make people smile.

A Little Bird Made Me

Creating quirky tea paraphernalia to recognise the joy created by a good cup of tea. Handmade at home in rural NSW this little bird designs and makes jewellery, tea cosies, reusable tea bags and more, with a focus on sustainability.

Polly Collective

Designer and Maker Sheree McCready is the creative behind Melbourne based label Polly Collective. Making contemporary jewellery and sculpted art using Polymer Clay as her core medium.

Lifelong lover of all things artistic and colourful, Sheree has a background in Professional Photography, after moving to Melbourne from NZ she was looking for an escape from the photography scene and came across polymer clay. After months and months of research, lots of trial and error and some really “interesting” creations this self taught polymer clay artist finally found her niche and some wicked therapy for her creative soul!

Using a signature pattern of squiggles and dots as an emphasis to compliment the simple shapes, eclectic colourways and contemporary style. With a bit of good old makers hustle and whole lotta heart Sheree has cultivated her brand, she is now excited to be apart of the Incube8r fams with her own little cube of pretty gems!

Sheree also teaches skills based Polymer Clay Workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. Alongside her online shop and her Incube8r cube you can find Sheree at the Rose Street Artist Market most Sundays.

I Feel Filigree

Irena Pavlovska is a French teacher and art lover. Her filigree story begins four years ago, in Macedonia, where she learns the craft, and continues in Australia, where she moved to five months ago.

Irena makes her creations of jewellery inspired mostly by nature, like flowers, animals.  Each of her designs is a piece of art, unique and delicate. The silver jewellery she makes is in the old technique of filigree that has a very long tradition in her culture and her country where she comes from, Macedonia. You can rarely find handmade silver filigree jewellery in Melbourne!

This technique consists of curling, twisting and plaiting fine pliable threads of silver, and uniting them at their points of contact with each other, and with the ground by the help of the blowpipe. She works with fine silver 999% and sterling silver 925% of purity. Some of her creations are made with beautiful semi precious gemstones and Swarovsky rhinestones that inspire and complement her unique designs.

She works with passion and dedication, and creates her designs in the comfort of her home in Melbourne.  All her jewellery is handmade.

Her jewellery has been individually designed and handcrafted in her fully equipped workshop. She prefers to fabricate everything by hand, guarantees her work after sale and loves seeing her clients enjoying their pieces years later.

Oh Jessica Jessica

Jessica Harris is a Melbourne-based animation artist focused on narrative storytelling. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Western Australia in 2009 and completed a Masters of Film and Television (Animation) at The Victorian College of the Arts in 2013. Jessica is a lover of bright colour, changing her hair style, and listening to songs on repeat. She’s currently working as a 2D animator and developing her first comic All My Crushes.

Roger Campbell

Roger Campbell is a Coburg based artist who loves to throw the paint around and dabble with the iconic.

Roger Campbell begun his artist career at an early age, when he realised that doodling on the wallpaper in his childhood home could send his parents into fits. After studying at Chelsea School of Art and Salisbury College of Art, he begun his working career as a Graphic Designer. After years of illustrating instruction manuals and designing toaster packaging, Roger saw the light and abandoned his graphic career to embark on the slippery road as an Artist. Twenty five years on, Roger can be found exhibiting his wares at the weekly St Kilda Esplanade market. He was also a regular at the Bayswater Road Artist Market in London, displaying his paintings on the railings for many years. Roger draws his inspiration by walking the streets of Melbourne and researching iconic imagery.

Nicola Palazzo

Calling all lovers of extreme body candy. Make a statement in Nicola’s one off, one of a kind designs. If you incline toward the extravagant and dramatic you will love her collection of bold, exotic high-end costume jewellery, made of mosaic inlay in a solid brass base. “My wish is for the wearer to be effortlessly adorned, adored and noticed -“When you shine, I shine” . “Over 20 years of mosaicing large wall pieces and sculpture have lead me to honing my skills in on the intricate delicacies of jewellery. The sky is the limit with mosaic and I never know what is going to happen when I make. I work with different materials all the time which makes for a progressive, ever evolving aesthetic, inspired by everything..each piece, a tiny landscape of texture and wonderment,. Like wearing a little sculptural piece of art.

Donna Fox

The phrase “Jack of All Trades and Master of None” describes my creative ventures in many ways. My grandmothers and mother were not what you would describe as creative but all were makers of some sort whether it be knitting, crocheting or sewing. I was taught all these skills at an early age.

Being schooled by catholic nuns we were never allowed to sit idle so always had to be doing something and this seems to carried through to my creative pursuits, although I cannot draw to save myself.

I am primarily working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) or silver art clay, I love the possibilities it presents. It can be rolled, textured, moulded, folded with your bare hands no hammers or rolling mills involved. Due to these working properties it can add another dimension to pieces that have been created using traditional silversmithing techniques.

Over the years I have been an instructor in various arts and crafts, I began with leadlighting which leads to mosaics, which leads to fused glass and glass beads and on it goes. I am a compulsive workshop attendee as well. There’s nothing more satisfying than learning new skills or refreshing old skills in a room full of like minded people

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