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New Cubers – March 2018

New Cubers – March 2018

Autumn has arrived and along with the leaves has blown in some spectacular new cubers!
We’re very excited to introduce our new artists this month such as Cirkus Athletica who designs practical yet striking activewear, Mami & Babi a mother, daughter and grandmother team who bring to life whimsical crocheted toys, Rita Presutti who fashions textured jewellery inspired by nature, Hardcopy Cartel who designs greeting cards for situations that suck, Rachel Grose who makes plant inspired silver and gemstone jewellery, and Palz Art who produces art for the street and home with an inspiring feminist message.

Let us introduce you to these incredible artists. If you’re interested in what they have on offer pop in before the end of this week to recieve 10% off their cubes (mention this blog post) or email us to secure the deal!

Meet Our New Cubers

Cirkus Athletica

Ethically hand made right here in Melbourne, Cirkus Athletica is a small label aiming to make a big difference. Each print is exclusive, limited and lovingly created on the kitchen table! We are not about “fast fashion”.

Founded by a frustrated Graphic Designer turned gym instructor, looking for expressive and unique activewear to suit her individual style. By combining her two passions, this journey has now evolved into a mission to spread positivity, creativity and above all, fun.

Mami & Babi

Mami & Babi is run by a mother (Alena), daughter (Monika), granddaughter (Bianka) trio based in Melbourne, Australia, who strive to create beautiful & modern handmade knit and crochet creations for you, your little ones & the home, including toys, baby blankets, knitwear (beanies & scarves), home décor items (pillows and crochet plants).

Alena is the hands behind the business and creates all the products herself. Alena has always loved to knit and crochet and has over 40 years of experience. With all the positive comments and praise her baby grandchildren were receiving when wearing their handmade knit or crochet pieces, we decided to start making her craft available to everyone – and so Mami & Babi was born in 2017.

A quote from Alena: “Knitting and crocheting is my form of meditation and helps me relax. There is nothing better than the joy of someone’s face when they receive a handmade knit or crochet creation and the positive feedback from happy customers. It’s so rewarding.”

A little story behind the name ‘Mami & Babi’: We are Australian, but our heritage is from the bohemian part of the Czech Republic. In the Czech language mum is called “Mami” (pronounced Maa-mi) & grandma is shortened to “Babi” (pronounced Baa-bi). To give respect to our heritage & honour who we are & what we create, Mami & Babi was born.

Hardcopy Cartel

My name is Lindsey Mineff, and I make “Greeting Cards for Situations that Suck!”. I work solo, creating both the illustration and copy.

Things that are important to me, in no particular order: the happiness of my family, being a strong creative female in an industry that often feels like a sausage club, travel, giving back to the community (I’m a volunteer designer for an environmental non-profit), and using my cards to help normalize mental health.

Strangely, a lot of my creative process is sitting and thinking. For the cards, I read a lot of blogs and try and get into the heads of people going through different “sucky” times. I think about how I would feel, or if it’s something that’s happened to me too, how I felt. Then I think of imagery that shows those feelings, but how I can make it funny. Then it’s pen to paper… (though I do have a new Ipad Pro which is super fun to play with!) and then onto InDesign.

Rachel Grose

Using traditional jewellery making tools and techniques, each jewellery piece created by Rachel Grose is sawn, filed, stamped and polished by hand. Each gemstone used is selected for its unique beauty and then individually bezel set into sterling silver. All work is made to the highest levels of craftsmanship and promises to be a durable, precious and unique piece of jewellery.

 Palz Art

While I have always privately drawn and painted it was not until March 2017 that I was inspired to respond publicly to the vicious abuse of women in politics, in particular Australia’s first female Prime Minister Gillard.

With little effort I came up with a list of 200 names used specifically to abuse, demean and intimidate women and girls.”Sticks and Stones”, A laneways paste up, featuring with little girls wearing a fraction of these names was intended to overwhelm the viewer.
The repugnant Donald T also inspired a poster encouraging his impeachment … we can but dream. Instagram Palzart for my latest work.

Rita Presutti

As a maker, my work incorporates pattern and texture. Inspired by the environment, I draw upon the aesthetics of water, colour, terrain and the everyday to create my range of jewellery.

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