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In.cube8r Presents: Postcards

in.cube8r presents: Postcards

The brief “depict a place you would rather be” has been interpreted both literally and abstractly in this show consisting of small and not so small works.

Expect beautiful landscapes, crashing waves, feminism, cathedrals, space travel and more in this collection of works by twelve wonderful Melbourne based artists.



Bobzii is a Japanese/ Australian artist based in Melbourne currently studying a bachelor of fine arts at RMIT University. They delve into every form of art including fashion, visual art and music. In their body of work you will see self-deprecation, their love of sardonicism, as well as their big, fat, pulsing ego.

Fabric paint, synthetic hair, embroidery thread and  embroidery needle on bubble wrap.
22cm x 15cm
I’d rather be in MUMMA.

“This exhibition, ‘postcards’ has given me an opportunity to visually explain my love and hate for my position in life. Working on a small scale forced me to pack as much information into the space available, as the prompt of showing the world where I’d rather be makes ones brain buzz with the endless possibilities.”

Fiona Mary Prendergast    

Fiona feels an affinity with New York because it is one of the artistic Meccas of the world.

Sunrise in New York
Acrylic paint, pencil, felt, embroidery, felt pen
Width 18cm Height 13cm

“The theme made me listen to my heart. It spoke to me initially in a whisper that would not be ignored. My mind was flooded with the images of this iconic place. I heard the call and responded to this inclination. I allowed my mind to bathe and give birth to a plethora of images that resonated with me. I settled on the New York Skyline and the Statute of Liberty. To me, New York is the heartbeat of Modern Art.”

Gracie Edwards

Gracie Edwards is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

Her practice explores the relationships between colour, composition, layering, texture, material and placement in both her painting and photography.

Predominantly working with acrylic, aerosol and photography, Edwards plays with the language of abstraction and uses her practice as a platform to start a dialogue between the idea of chance and intention within her work.

Acrylic, oil stick and spray paint on board in a float frame.

Haelio Photo

Based in Melbourne, Madeline Bowser is a travel photographer who specialises in city and landscapes, often in black and white. Formally trained in fine art photography, Madeline’s photographs represent her personal experience in often overlooked perspectives rather than exploring complex or abstract theories.

Blagaj Tekke
C-type photograph on Kodak Lambda Lustre, on mat board
Width 20cm x Height 25cm

Heather Peters (Inky Splatter)

Fuelled by coffee Heather loves getting creative with pencils, paint, photography, printmaking and digital art and all sorts of fun crafty projects. Heather is also a cat whisperer and loves to randomly adorn her art with cute little fluff balls.

Greetings from outta Nowhere
Watercolour and Ink
W15cm x H10cm

Ilana Sallick – The lens and I

Ilana’s style is influenced by the beach and its surroundings. Born near Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, she now resides in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs and is never far from the water. A Graphic Designer, Photographer and more importantly, a visual storyteller, Ilana is often found with a camera in one hand and a passport in the other. Her travel and fashion work has been featured in magazines around the world. Her travel prints have been used in international hotels and cafes and homes all over the world.

I love travelling the world and exploring new places, meeting new people and capturing a country or city in a way that allows the viewer to feel like they were there with me.

Santa Margherita
Photograph with Neutral Frame
Width 23cm / Height 28cm

Cigar Lady
Photograph in Black Frame
Width 23cm/ Height 33cm
I traveled to Havana in search of this Cuban lady, and then she found me!

Break Time
Black and White photograph with Black Frame
Width 23cm/ Height 33cm

Photograph with Neutral Frame
Width 23cm/ Height 33cm

Maudie Osborne

Maudie is an artist, student and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia.

Cherries on a colourful background
Collage, acrylic
21.0 x 29.7cm

Jade Lees-Pavey

Every day I am inspired to create, from when I wake up to when I lay down again, I will always have a thought going around in my head relating to something I am working on or an idea that I have had and want to execute.

I don’t maintain an Arts Practice in one exclusive medium, I find that I will use a medium that suits the execution of the idea the best, and I pursue knowledge in materials that I feel will express my ideas fully. I like gaining skills in different areas of design and construction, so there can be the opportunity to build an image into a 3D realisation if creating a drawing, print or painting doesn’t suit.

Alan You Leave a Bad Taste in MyMouth.
Cell Division
Deeds Not Words
Girls Eat Cake
I Love You Andy
Peachy Domesticity
Safe Birthing Opportunities
Solar Grid
Take What You Need
Watching Isabella
You are Super, Girl

Mixed Media                                                                             $20 each

In describing a ‘Place that I would rather be’ I chose to consider the theme from a conceptual viewpoint rather than a literal viewpoint. My most recent prints have been focused on the social issues that move me, and this project has become a way to further explore my own viewpoint.

The ‘front side’ of the postcards are collages, fixed onto prints that I had created years ago and not thrown away. Recycling and re-imagining past artwork is important to me as resources are precious and sourced with limited funds. Prints that aren’t successful aren’t thrown out, they just wait in the flat drawers until I find their next project.

On the ‘reverse side’ of the Postcards I have added commentary regarding the Place I’d rather be, as well as a message I have written to “Dear Citizen…” The two sides of the Postcard require the viewer to interact with the collection in a completely different way to how 2D art is usually viewed. I am also giving the viewer an explanation of the motivation behind the artwork and asking them to consider what they think.

I created the box to contain the oversized postcards in accordance with the one constraint of the exhibition theme, that one measurement could be only 20cm. The postcards were then cut down to fit inside the box. It is open so that the cards can be easily accessed and viewed, handled and returned. A postage stamp has also been created, to add to the ‘postcard’ theme and give a nod to the literal purpose of a Postcard.

Mark Salomon        

I’m an amateur artist who likes to unwind and relax behind the canvas. It’s a hobby where I can escape and view the world in a different light.

Escaping from the everyday to a quite place where there is peace and serenity. That’s what I try and convey in my landscapes.

Balnarring Beach
Acrylic on canvas board
Width 31cm / Height 26cm

Australian Outback Road
Acrylic on stretched canvas
Width 41cm / Height 30cm

Australian Outback Homestead
Acrylic on stretched canvas
Width 41cm / Height 30cm

Matt Di Paola (Seaboards Online) 

Aerial Sea Views aims to take you to the sky, shifting your perspective and changing your sense of space, your very own personal plane view. Seaboards are a reminder of the beautiful natural creations out in the world when our work schedules get too busy. Hoping to inspire or spark adventure.

Shipwreck Island
Acrylic / Mixed Media / Artificial Plants
1.15m diameter circle
Add a touch of tropical to your space with this aerial sea view.
Your private beach to dive into, start every day with your morning
surf portal. With the play of light, time and shadow – 3D waves
give the illusion of a moving tide

Acrylic / Mixed media
1.15m diameter circle
Take a flight over this ripping ocean coastline.
With the play of light, time and shadow –
3D waves give the illusion of a moving tide.

Tammy Zhang

Tammy Zhang’s practice concentrates on the distortion of reality, employing interior architecture to explore the ways in which human emotions and subjectivity transform a once neutral world into a psychologically manipulated negative or positive environment. Currently completing her second year of Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT University, Tammy has begun to focus predominantly on painting while simultaneously continuing to advance her drawing skills and hand control. More recently, she has begun studying the concept of introversion, taking advantage of her very own private, internal daydreamer mindset.

Place of Dreams
Acrylic on canvas
Width 15cm / Height 15cm

For me, working with small scales and encapsulating the concept of “where I’d rather be” are processes that I frequently explore. Being a private, introspective individual, I find refuge in thoughts, dreams and memories of the past. Nostalgia is an experience that overwhelms me on a regular basis, and thus, ideas of “where I’d rather be” resonate wholly with me.

The show continues to  14 November 2018

Online orders welcome. We pay our artists 100% of every sale!

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