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3 colour silk infinity scarf by Judith Scott Upcycling


This 3 colour silk infinity scarf is for our time…

It’s sustainable –

  • handcrafted from 3 upcycled silk ties
  • silk ties are made from the best quality silk, why waste it?
  • #saynoto landfill

It’s quirky

  • The colours, the colours, the colours!

It’s silk –

  • silk is soft and gorgeous and luxurious
  • silk’s lustre is perfect for these colours
  • as silk is the strongest natural fibre, it is ideal in an infinity scarf

It’s practical –

  • Easy to style – just loop it over your head twice  (it measures approx 120cm in length)
  • A silk infinity scarf does not slip off
  • Great for autumn, winter, spring;  and, one day, travel



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Cuber: Judith Scott Upcycling (Fitzroy)
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